Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

What is a 5 Axis CNC Router?

5 Axis CNC Router is a machining center with high technology content and high precision for processing complex curved surfaces. The 5 axis CNC Router has high efficiency and high precision, and the workpiece can be assembled at one time. It can adapt to the processing of modern molds such as auto parts and aircraft structural parts. Different from the pentahedron machining center, 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine has five axes of X, Y, Z, A, and C. The X, Y, Z, and A, C axis form a 5 axis linkage machining. They are good at space surface machining, profile machining, hollow machining, punching, inclined holes, and beveling. The pentahedron machining center is similar to the three-axis machining center, except that it can make five faces at the same time, but it can’t be shaped, slanted, cut, etc.

Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router5 Axis CNC Router can process complex curved surfaces of aluminum and various non-metallic materials and is suitable for training various model making and five-link processing talents. Suitable Materials: carbon fiber, fiberglass, composites, PMI foam, polyurethane foam, functional foam, resin, wood, honeycomb, plastic, clay and other non-metallic materials and aluminum alloy and other soft metals.

What is a 5 Axis CNC Router?

5-axis machining involves all the axes of 4-axis machining, with an additional rotational axis. 5-axis milling machines are the best CNC milling machines available today, capable of creating precise and intricate parts for artificial bones, aerospace products, titanium pieces, oil and gas machine parts, car molds, medical, architectural, and military products. The 5th axis in the 5-axis milling machine is around the B-axis, which rotates around the Y-axis in the X-Y-Z plane. This multidimensional rotation and tool movement allows for B-axis unparalleled precision, finish and speed in the production of a piece. 5-axis machining can create very complex parts, which is why it is so important for high level uses, such as aerospace applications.

However, 5-axis machining is also becoming more popular because it offers the option for single-step machining (reducing lead time), allows better access to the part geometry, and improves the tool life and efficiency of the process by tilting the table for the ideal cutting position.

So which type of machining should you choose for your project? It all comes down to your unique requirements, budget, and timeline. For expert advice, talk with FORSUN 5 axis cnc router manufacturer to find the right match for your needs. FORSUN CNC also offers free 5 axis cnc router plans PDF for people who want to diy 5 axis cnc router kit.

Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

Structure of 5 Axis CNC Router

The 5-axis CNC engraving machine is mostly a 3 +2 structure, that is, three linear motion axes of X, Y, and Z plus two rotations of three rotation axes of A, B, and C rotating around the X, Y, and Z axes, respectively. Shaft composition.

Thus, from a large aspect, there are three forms: X, Y, Z, A, B; X, Y, Z, A, C; X, Y, Z, B, C;

It is divided into two combinations of rotating shafts, which are generally in the form of the double turntable, turntable plus swing head and double swing head. These three structural forms determine the size of the machine tool and the scope of the machined object for physical reasons. Among them, the five-axis linkage machine with double turntable structure is only suitable for processing small parts, such as small integral turbines, impellers, small precision molds, etc., because the workpiece needs to move in two directions of rotation when machining the workpiece. The price is relatively low. In terms of application, this is the most common type of five-link CNC machine tool.

The five-link CNC machine with the turret and the oscillating structure can be A-axis, B-axis or C-axis. The oscillating head is also the same. It can be A-axis, B-axis or C-axis, so the turret is equipped with an oscillating type. The five-joint CNC machine tool of the structure can be combined in various different ways to adapt to different machining objects, such as the blade of the turbo generator, which needs the A-axis plus the B-axis.

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