4 Axis Woodworking CNC Router with Rotary Axis

How To Maintain The CNC Wood Router For Beginners?

The woodworking engraving machine embossing production engraving software designs the engraving path, and then enters it into the computer for automatic engraving, so the details of the engraving are neat and unified. Whether it is a flower plate or a cloud bead, each place has the same size, and it does not look any different , The machine is suitable for mass production, making furniture manufacturing more refined and perfect.


4 Axis Woodworking CNC Router with Rotary Axis


We have a complete after-sales service system that can solve all your difficult problems through online and offline technical support. For example, we can help you with how to maintain cnc wood router for beginners

To keep the parts of the cnc wood router for beginners always in good condition, it is very important to insist on regular maintenance, so that many hidden troubles can be eliminated in the bud.In general, the maintenance of wood engraving machines includes the following aspects:

1)Check whether the voltage is stable before starting up every day. And then turn on the power supply to operate the wood engraving machine to move it back and forth to ensure that the woodworking machine can run normally before starting work.
2)Regularly check whether the screws of each part of the wood engraving machine are loose.
3)The woodworking engraving machine equipped with a water cooling spindle should ensure that the recycling water is clean and the water pump is working normally. Regularly replace the recycling water and prevent the water temperature from becoming too high.
4)Frequently clean the guide rails and sensors of the wood engraving machine to prevent dust, powder, and oil from affecting its sensitivity.
5) After use, move the cutting head of the wood engraving machine to the lower left or lower right position to prevent collisions. And then cut off the power. Pay attention that does not pull the plug when the power is on.

The woodworking cnc router machine is mainly used in the carpenter manufacturing industry, and it is mainly used in the production and processing of windows and doors, and the production and processing of artworks. This is all possible. Secondly, there are certain applications in the advertising slogan mold industry, such as clothes hang tags and plastic plates in advertising slogans. In other industries, such as large and medium-sized relief production, craft products manufacturing industries also have certain applications.



2130 ATC 4 Axis CNC Router


CNC Wood Router For Beginners Features:

1. More steady and strong equipped with thicker gantry and T-type square steel tube machine bed.

2. Linear square guide rails, high precision and long life time, rack and pinion transmission, high speed.

3. Good soft ware compatibility, all kinds of CAD/CAM ,such as Type3, ArtCam, Castmate, UcanCam, Artcut engraving software, Coredraw, etc.

4. Simple operation and installation, when delivery we will provide the videos for trainning.

5. DSP A11 handle easy control system ,easy operation,saving room space.

CNC Wood Router For Beginners Applications:
Can be used on advertisement engraving, advertisement cutting, stone processing cutting, Cu and Al molding cutting, mold manufacturing cutting, wood processing cutting, wood door manufacturing cutting, craft manufacturing cutting, light box cutting, building mold cutting, indoor decoration cutting, wave board processing cutting, light equipment mold processing cutting, sign and mark manufacturing cutting,
Acryl board processing cutting, stamp cutting

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