Four Process Nested CNC Router

Hot Selling CNC – four process wood cutting machine

Today, IGOLDEN CNC will introduce to you a practical and cost-effective Compared with the ordinary cutting machine, the four-process cutting machine has several more processing spindles. The ordinary single-head cutting machine can only complete one process at a time. If you want to complete multiple processes, you need to change the tool manually, while the four-process cutting machine Each spindle of the machine is equipped with tools with different functions, which can continuously complete the processing of various processes.

Four Process Nested CNC Router

Four Process Nested CNC Router

Features of the four-process cutting machine:

(1) Equipped with multiple processing spindles, which integrates optimized cutting, drilling, grooving and combination to achieve high efficiency.

(2) Equipped with an auxiliary automatic pushing device, which greatly improves the use efficiency of the equipment and avoids the collision and damage of the finished plate during the manual reclaiming process.

(3) Advanced intelligent numerical control system, easy to learn, easy to operate and stable in performance.

(4) The vacuum adsorption table is adopted, which can adsorb plates of different sizes, with good suction, convenient operation, fast material replacement and high efficiency.

(5)It adopts side-mounted type, flange slider structure, and runs smoothly. The guide rail adopts a segmented structure, and the replacement of the guide rail does not require technicians, which is more convenient.

(6) Equipped with a complete dust removal device, which can ensure that the granular fertilizers in each link and part are effectively cleaned and collected.

(7) Equipped with a central automatic lubrication system, which can automatically inject oil at regular intervals to ensure the operation of the machine.

(8) The operating software has an open interface, and the strong compatibility can be seamlessly connected with a variety of furniture design bomb disposal software.

The four-process cutting machine is mainly suitable for cabinets, wardrobes, whole house customization, panel furniture, office furniture, hospital furniture, bank furniture, children’s furniture; hollow lattices for decoration, soft-pack background wall production; panel furniture cutting and cutting, Slotting holes, etc.

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