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What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe?

Although both CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe are common CNC mechanical equipment, there are big differences between the two.

Multi Spindle CNC Router MachineFrom the structural point of view, although they are equipped with numerical control systems, the CNC engraving machine is at least three-axis control, while the CNC lathe is two-axis control.

The CNC engraving machine has a tools changer, and the CNC lathe uses a tool holder. The functions of the two are relatively similar. Both are used to change the tool when processing the work piece, but the specific structure is different. Tool holder is an important part of CNC lathe. It is equipped with various cutting tools, and its structure directly affects the cutting performance and work efficiency of the lathe. The tool holder is divided into turret type and row tool type. There are more classifications of CNC engraving machine tools changer than CNC lathe tool holders, such as disc type, hat type, chain type, flying saucer type, simultaneous movement type, etc., most of the tools changer have more tool capacity than CNC lathe tools.

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From the point of view of the processing range, the processing range of the CNC engraving machine is larger than that of the CNC lathe. CNC lathes are mainly used to process rotating parts. The CNC engraving machine can do a lot. They are proficient in boring, milling, cutting, and reaming, and the CNC engraving machine has three axes, four axes, and five axes. The more the number of axes, the greater the processing range wide.

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