woodworking engraving machine

Why the woodworking engraving machine can not reach the performance?

As we all know, a wood engraving machine is the most reliable and durable piece of equipment for any carpenter. However, this durable machine saves a lot of complexity time and time again. The complexity of programming and the failure of other parts of the machine can lead to misbehavior and frustration.

Often, these questions have facts behind them. These annoying little problems are compounded by a lack of maintenance on the machine, which can be caused by improper use or poor maintenance.


Possible problems and solutions in the use of woodworking engraving machine


There is no problem with the operating efficiency or stability of this machine.


However, like other machines, over time this machine will have issues. This could be due to user error or lack of maintenance. Like other tools, users can perform actions that would damage these machines in normal operation. However, there are a few things users can do to keep it in good shape for it to function properly.

As users, they know they can run into all kinds of problems, which can cause countless problems and errors with the wood router. Some of these problems are more common than the main ones. Therefore, these subtle issues are ignored.

woodworking engraving machineFrom burn marks on the surface of mechanical parts, to problems caused by inaccurate mechanical parts, fixing different moving parts, or incorrect power supply, these are common small problems with woodworking engraving machines.

Poor or insufficient maintenance

Wrong settings or tools

program disorder

The machine is overheating.

Inadequate worker skills and training.

power problem

Automatic tool change problem

machine vibration

Tighten/Loosen large parts and fasteners.


woodworking engraving machine

Daily requirements of woodworking engraving machine:

In addition to choosing the right CNC machine drill bit, the operator must also know that the machine still has daily needs to keep the job running smoothly. The above are some daily requirements for routers, which operators should follow:

woodworking engraving machine

  1. Keep the machine clean after each shift, check the frame, ball screws and linear bearings, clean the sensor for debris.
  2. Replace worn tools: Replace damaged or worn chucks, guard nuts and tools as they can affect the quality of the cut.
  3. Continue to inspect the machine for damaged parts that could affect the performance of the machine or the safety of the employees.
  4. Turn off the machine during the period. NEM: Avoid using the CNC engraving machine year-round because it will be very hot. Shutting down the machine reduces the risk of burnt connectors and keeps workers safe from accidental injuries.
  5. Efficiency in deleting old files should be the owner’s top priority. Therefore, they should make sure to delete old files from the system and keep backups in external files.
  6. Timely lubrication of bearings: It is recommended that bearings be lubricated and properly lubricated at the end of each shift.
  7. Replace the vacuum pump oil: The vacuum pump oil should be replaced every 20,000 hours of use.


Therefore, this article introduces the factors that affect the work of the woodworking engraving machine and some processing methods. Machines, like humans, need to be cared for and nurtured. Overuse and neglect can impair the performance of the machine. However, proper diagnosis of the problem can help prevent large-scale losses.

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