How much is a laser engraver ?

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Laser engraver price

Price is a major factor when it comes to selecting the best, cutting edge laser engraver. The laser engraver costs from anything between USD 2,000 to USD 8,000 and even more. It all depends on the major features of the device that determines its price. For instance, the software, engraving material, laser tube, laser power and other such features determine the price of the engraver. As a result, you need to make a choice about the laser engraver that best suits your needs. Since you might not have enough time to search for the best laser cutting technology, we are here to help you find the best and most economical solution for your engraving needs. So cut out your searching time and trust us with the laser engraving solution of your choice.

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CO2 Laser Engraver Machines
CO2 Laser Engraving Machines:

CO2 laser engraving machines use a gaseous mixture of CO2 which undergoes electrical treatment to produce the laser beam. The wavelength of the CO2 laser beam is roughly 10.6 microns. This type of wavelength is suitable for engraving on non-metallic parts like wood, plastics, textiles, paper, and glass. To find out the right kind of CO2 laser engraving machine, try checking out laser engravers.

Fiber Laser Engraving Machines:

Talk about the magical invention for your metallic marking or engraving needs? Fiber Laser technology is here for you! This type of technology belongs to the group of solid-state laser. The wavelength of lasers used in fiber laser engraving machines is around 1.06 microns. Due to such small wavelengths, fiber metal laser engraving machines create a really small focal diameter. Due to smaller wavelengths, the intensity of fiber laser engraving machines is a hundred times higher than that of the CO2 technology. Fiber laser engraving machines are the best option for metallic parts due to high power beam, smaller wavelengths, and smaller focal diameter. A 50W laser engraver is an example of such high power fiber laser marking machines.

1390 CO2 Laser Engraver Machines

Fiber laser engraving machines for metals are generally maintenance-free and can offer a service life of around 25k hours.

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The carbon dioxide laser engraving machine can be equipped with a rotating shaft to realize the engraving of the cylinder. Common diameters are 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, etc. Please inform the sales manager of your specific needs.


No need for manual tentative feeding to improve work efficiency. Promote the smooth movement of the processed materials, ensure the smoothness of the materials, facilitate the stable work of the laser head, and improve the work stability.

CO2 Laser Engraver Machines1390 CO2 Laser Engraver Machines

Applications of CO2 Laser Engraving and Marking Machines

Unlike a fiber laser, which passes right through glass, a CO2-laser can engrave glass. Moreover, other materials that have light reflection/refraction properties like acrylic can be engraved using these laser engravers. Furthermore, they are similarly useful for plastics and paper, resulting in deeper engravings with low discoloration. The infrared light CO2 lasers emit is also suitable for marking organic materials, including paper, leather materials and wood products, and many types of plastics and ceramics. Furthermore, this type of laser can help with removing thin layers of paint or ink from a substrate. Finally, you can mark metallic surfaces with absorptive coatings, and polymers can be marked by heat-induced color changes.

co2 laser engraving machine-how to save time

When mass production of small size products of the same specification (such as a 75x25mm badge), the maximum width in the x direction should be less than 300mm, so that the laser head can be reversed faster, thereby increasing the speed. When engraving a bitmap, the resolution can be appropriately reduced to speed up the speed. In addition, the laser machining depth is directly proportional to the power and speed, that is, the faster the speed, the shallower the engraving depth under the same power, and vice versa, the deeper the engraving. In this way, the speed and power should be increased as much as possible to shorten the time.

laser engraving

The CO2 Laser engraver is highly precision instruments typically used to write, decorate, make logos on the surface of the material by engraving process. This engraving depth can be 0.0001″ to 0.005″. The CO2 laser engraving machine can perform its operation on any hard materials, such as acrylic, wood, paper, metals, plastic, and all other elements.

Depending on the power supply, there are types of CO2 laser engravers. But among them, 30W laser, 40W CO2 laser engraver, 50W CO2 laser engraver are noteworthy. The CO2 laser engraving system is a ninth-century invention; still, it’s beneficial in engraving materials. It is prevalent than other laser machines. The design process is a little slow yet captivating.

co2 laser engraving machine-how to avoid waste

Generally, the standard configuration of laser engraving machine has red light positioning equipment. When processing irregular products, first use red light positioning to observe whether the engraving position is accurate, and then formally process. For materials that have not been seen before, the principle of power from low to high should be followed.

Machine without laser

Firstly, check whether the magnetic switches of the upper cover and the front door and their wiring are loose or fall off. Check the reflection and focusing lens for problems. If it is not for the above reasons, you must contact the maintenance personnel, please do not deal with it yourself.

From popular entry-level laser markers, to complex laser marking engraving projects,we can provide a complete solution according to your needs.

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