3 Axis ATC CNC Router

Woodworking Center Operation Tutorial in 2022

In a sense, the quality of the woodworking processing center purchased from the manufacturer can determine the production capacity of a furniture manufacturer. Furniture manufacturers should protect and maintain the operation and process of the woodworking processing center by operating technicians to ensure the safe production, stable operation and normal operation of the woodworking processing center!

Features of woodworking processing center

After the machine tool is powered on, the operator must check whether the switches and buttons can be turned off normally, and check whether there are foreign objects and oil stains on the machine tool;

After the woodworking processing center is turned on, it is necessary to check whether the voltage, oil pressure and air pressure are normal. Parts that require manual lubrication should be lubricated before processing to avoid jamming during processing;

After the woodworking machining center is started, each coordinate axis manually returns to the reference point (machine origin). If an axis is at the zero position before returning to the reference point position, it needs to return to the origin for production processing;

3 Axis ATC CNC Router3 Axis ATC CNC RouterDuring the processing and production of the workbench of the woodworking center, there must be no foreign objects on the table, shield and guide rail;

After the NC program input is completed, it should be carefully corrected to ensure that it is correct. It includes code, instructions, addresses, values, symbols and syntax checking;

According to the process specification, use the correct fixture to avoid falling during processing;

3 Axis ATC CNC Router

Accurately measure and calculate the workpiece coordinate system, and verify and check the resulting consequences;

Enter the dimensions and information of the workpiece into the page of the machining route. After the input is completed, carefully check the coordinates of the line, the coordinate value, the sign and the decimal point;

After the tool offset value (length, radius) is entered into the line page, it is necessary to carefully check the tool offset value, symbol, decimal point, etc. to prevent waste caused by the value;

3 Axis ATC CNC Router

When processing workpieces in woodworking centers, the following matters should be noted:

When forming high-precision workpieces, use a dial indicator to detect the tool on the spindle to keep its runout within 3μm. If necessary, it is necessary to re-clamp or replace the cutter head and clamping system;

Whether the woodworking machining center is the first processed part or the periodically processed part; before processing, check the cutter head according to the drawing process, sequence and tool setting card, and check the sequence of the segments one by one, especially the sequence. Production and processing can perform tool length compensation and radius compensation as needed. Check the operation of the machine;

When single-stage trial cutting, the quick override switch must be adjusted up;

When each knife is used for the first time, it is necessary to verify whether its actual length is consistent with the given compensation value;

During the sequential operation, it is necessary to focus on several displays on the CNC system;

Coordinate display: You can know the position of the current tool static point in the machine tool coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system, know the static value of the sequence segment, the remaining static value, etc.;

Store and Buffer Store Display: You can see that each status command of the sequence segment and the contents of the next sequence segment are being executed.

Display of main and subsequences: It is understandable to know the details of the sequence fragment being executed.

Dialogue display screen: You can know the rear spindle speed, rear feed rate, cutting feed per revolution of the spindle, rear cutting load of the spindle, and the cutting feed plate per revolution of the spindle is loaded on each stroke to calculate the cutting amount of each edge of the corresponding tool;

In the process of trial cutting feed, when the tool runs to 30~50mm away from the outer surface of the workpiece, it is necessary to maintain low-speed feed to verify whether the remaining coordinate values of the coordinate axes and the coordinate values are consistent with the X and Y axes and the pattern;

Take an “incremental” approach to some tools that have trial requests. For example, when drilling, you can try to drill a small section first, and then drill to the full length after passing the inspection. The tool data using the tool radius compensation function can be changed from large to small, and the ton can be corrected while trying;

During trial cutting, after changing the tool and auxiliary tool, it is necessary to measure the length of the tool again, and correct the tool compensation value and tool compensation number;

When searching sequentially, pay attention to whether the position pointed by the cursor is reasonable and correct, and whether the stationary direction of the tool and the coordinates of the machine tool are correct;

After the sequence is corrected, the correction part must be carefully calculated and checked carefully;

During manual feed and manual continuous feed operation, it is necessary to check whether the selected position of each switch is correct, clarify the forward and reverse directions, identify the key and set feed speed or pulse magnification, and then operate.

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