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What are the tips for buying cabinets cutting machine?

With the development of modern technology, more utensils and household items that are convenient for people’s kitchen cooking appear in people’s kitchens. Among them, cabinets have become a household item chosen when modern families decorate their kitchens, and are the main equipment that constitutes the cooking function of the kitchen.

Linear ATC CNC Wood RouterThe cutting machine manufacturer tells you: What are the points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing cabinets?

  1. Look at the cabinet door panel:

Cabinet door panels are generally divided into solid wood door panels, painted door panels, and plastic door panels.

Solid wood door panel: natural and simple, usually with artificial veneer structure, so that the degree of deformation of the door panel reaches a small value;

Painted door panel: It belongs to the medium density door panel, which is divided into two types: single-sided baking paint and double-sided baking paint. This kind of door panel is beautiful and gorgeous;

Blister door: The quality of this kind of door generally varies greatly, and it is not easy to identify whether it is good or bad after processing, but it can be distinguished by vision and feel.

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  1. Look at the edge of the sheet:

The high-quality cabinet sealing edge is delicate, smooth, and feels good, the sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joint is fine. The big factory uses the linear edge banding machine to complete the processes of edge banding, end breaking, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes at one time to ensure the size. In the small workshop, the glue is applied with a brush, the edges are manually pressed and sealed, the edges are trimmed with a wallpaper knife, and polished with a manual polishing machine. Due to the uneven pressure, many places are not firm, and it will also cause harmful substances such as formaldehyde to volatilize into the air. middle.

  1. Look at the assembly effect of the whole set of cabinets:

Any dimensional error in the production process will be reflected in the door panel. For cabinets produced by small factories, the door panels will have uneven door seams and uneven gaps, both large and small. However, the performance of the whole set of cabinets is still in line with the overall decoration style of the home, which is complementary to each other. Generally, people who like fresh and artistic style can choose wooden cabinets, and those who like industrial style or metal texture can choose stainless steel countertop cabinets. Customers who pay attention to cost-effectiveness can choose cabinets with stone countertops.

The cabinet purchasing skills explained by the cutting machine manufacturer are shared here. For more information, please contact us on the official website of IGOLDEN CNC.

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