CO2 laser cutting machine

1325 CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

What is the 1325 CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine?

Cutting bed type 1325 CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine, the standard worktable size is 1325, which can meet the engraving and cutting needs of large-format panels such as wood and acrylic. The best CO2 laser engraver is widely used in signs, arts, crafts, gifts, shoes, toys, garments, packaging, and paper industry.

1325 CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine


1). The “front” and “back” of our laser machine can be open, suitable for super-length material process.

2)Honeycomb and blade material worktable, which meet the needs of diversified laser procession

3). RED /LEETROcontrol panel in English, convenience of operation control.

4). Import guide rail with high engraving precision.

5). offline control system can not only work without computer, also connect to USB.

6). Imported lens and  mirrors, with good ability of reflection and focusing, long working life.

7).Red light position system realizes the exact position and  frame of machine is stable, ensure the precision .


  1. 600°C heat treatment, 24 hours cooling in the oven, 8 meters gantry milling, accurate argon shielded arc welding, to make sure 20 years usage without deformation.
  2. Adopting United States imported sensor, precise laser cutting head, can cut metal and non-metal materials.
  3. Adopts high precision collimator for testing to install the guide rail, precision is 0.01mm
  4. Fast cutting with high precision It can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, acrylic, wood and other materials.
  5. Laser head has adopt the Live focus system to engrave or cut irregular materials.
  6. Constant light path system: ( means: spread distance of the laser from laser tube to laser head remains the same when working). Our machine use the constant light path system to get high precision working at any part of the workign area.


  1. Marble industry

Image and character engraving on the surface of marble.

  1. Advertising industry

Engraving and cutting on advertising materials such as

acrylic, double-color board and so on.

  1. Leather and clothing industry

Engraving and carving on leather and fabric.

  1. Art & Craft industry

Engraving and cutting on paper, wooden packing box, bamboo craft, leather, shell, ivory and so on.

  1. Model industry: cutting on architectural model, aviation and navigation model, and wooden toys.
  2. Packaging industry: engraving and cutting of printing rubber plate, and cutting of sandwich plate and die board cutting.
  3. Decoration industry: engraving and cutting on electric products and relevant materials.

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