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2021 Best Multi Head Nesting CNC Router for Cabinet Making

The Knowledge of Multi Head Nesting CNC Router

The affordable Multi Head Nesting CNC Router is a multi-function automatic CNC nesting machine, which integrates cutting, chamfering, relief, hollowing, punching, slotting and other processes, while meeting the processing requirements of cabinet doors and cabinets.

Multi Head Nesting CNC Router

Multi-purpose CNC cutting machine

A multi-process CNC cutting machine is a piece of numerical tracking equipment distinctively designed for manufacturing furniture product lines. The common multi-process nesting cnc machines include; double processes, three processes, and four processes CNC cutting machines. However, the CNC cutting machine under discussion, the multi-process device has uniquely emerged through manufacturing single and dual cabinet heads. Various heads bear diverging processing functionalities but aren’t limited to these features like cutting, slotting, and drilling. It’s also assembled with a row drill kit and 9 drill bit, which is used to auger holes horizontally. Punching reams with keen vigilance and avoiding punched out roundness is highly possible for several diameter holes. On turning the row of drills, the items are linked with all the nine drills rotated simultaneously without having to unlock the hole diameter that boosts the speed of drilling. With an assurance of a 30% efficiency rate, the multi-process CNC cutting machine is the most suitable for the manufacture of cabinets.

Features of Affordable Nesting CNC Router

1.4.5KW*2+6KW Air-cooled Spindle:This 3 spindle realizes automatic tool change by change spindle pneumatically.

2.High speed, low noise, double guarantee for cutting strength and precision.

3.3 different cutting tools are installed at one time, and the cutting, drilling, grooving, and carving are carried out continuously;

4.0-second pneumatic tool change, 0-second start, no need for manual intervention, work efficiency increased by 400%

Options of Affordable Nesting CNC Router

Loading Platform: The platform can automatically adjust the height according to the number of plates. When automatic feeding is required, the adsorption device mounted on the beam can absorb the plate from the auxiliary feeding platform, and drag the plate to the processing table through the movement of the beam.

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