Three Process 1325 CNC Router

Woodworking engraving machine operation method and steps

CNC engraving machine adopts computer control, so that the control can control the engraving machine more intuitively, including motion and simulation. In the event of a power outage, there is room for selecting the front or back moment, and the operation is convenient and can also be carried out very simply. Continue to engrave after power off. During the engraving process, computer control can select or save more workpiece origins to ensure that no defective products will be produced after mechanical power off.

Three Process 1325 CNC RouterCNC engraving machine can control the machine by simulating engraving, which is the most intuitive engraving method. In the case of simulating engraving, we can find the break during engraving and start engraving at any position.

The computer control has good continuity, and the route can be modified at will. There is no need to use a U disk, and the engraving machine can directly carry out subsequent engraving after the path is completed, which is more intuitive. Computer engraving has more prominent advantages in workpiece machining accuracy

1325 CNC Three Process Engraving Machine

The CNC engraving machine mainly works in a variety of forms at the same time, which ensures the higher working efficiency of the machine and the practicability of the machine.

Whether it is a CNC plane engraving machine or a CNC three-dimensional engraving machine, the processing advantages are basically the same, and there is no need to distinguish this aspect.

After purchasing a woodworking engraving machine, everyone wants to improve their work efficiency through some operating skills. First of all, let’s talk about the start-up process and precautions of the woodworking engraving machine.

Engraving Wood Door Machine

Check the spindle cooling water.

Turn on the low-speed idle spindle for 5 minutes.

When the machine tool is not running for a long time, it should run the full stroke first, and the running-in time is about half an hour.

The new spindle motor needs to be broken in.

Woodworking engraving machine operation method and steps

In a woodworking engraving machine project, we should carefully check the spelling of words. If possible, print it out and confirm with the customer

Protection of engravings: woodworking engraving machines often experience dislocation during the engraving process. We often tell clients that their items have been damaged during the engraving process.

To avoid these problems, we can try the following methods:

  1. Check whether the pliers or clips used by the engraving machine are used correctly. At the same time, the wear of the pliers or clamps of the engraving machine will also cause dislocation of the engraving. If the clamp or clamp is too tight, the bit will pop out of the engraving when it hits the engraving.
  2. For irregularly shaped sculptures, the engraver appears to be firmly attached to the surface and oscillates back and forth under downward pressure. At this time, you can try to put some garbage under the object to increase the friction. The second is to keep the packaging of the items. Although the shape of the object is irregular, the packaging itself can be very regular and easy to fix. With the small shoulder straps, irregularly shaped objects can be easily secured. Or try a tool to fix its regular parts and discard its irregular parts.
  3. If there is a lot of downward pressure on the sculpture, consider the need for a tapered nose. If the woodworking engraver’s bit moves too much during the engraving process, the pressure on the side of the tool can cause the engraving to move. The same problem can be caused if the wrong diamond knife is used. A 90- or 100-degree diamond knife penetrates deep into the material, causing the material to move during the engraving process.

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