Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Price: Unbelievable

This kind of handheld laser cleaning machine is widely applied in mold industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, food processing, sewage treatment, rubber tires, petrochemical and other industries.

iGOLDENCNC will offer you 2023 cheap fiber laser cleaning machines with 50W, 100W, 200W, 300W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, or 3000W laser power, and expert cleaning service to fit your custom surface treatment plans, projects and ideas.

laser rust removal machine for sale

Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Price

Fiber laser generator for rust removal, paint stripping, coating removal, plating, oil, stain, dirt cleaning for metal, ceramic, stone, and rubber mold residue cleaning. Now the affordable portable handheld laser cleaning machine for sale at cost price.

What does the laser rust removal machine do for you?

Pre-welding treatment with Laser Cleaning
As a highly selective procedure, Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Price is the fastest way to enhance the quality of any welded piece. With the rust and dirt deposits wholly removed. The amount of porosities in the welding joints diminishes significantly, and the scale is two or three times smaller. As a result, the welds have a higher yield power, tensile strength, ductility, and fatigue life.

Pre-coating treatment with Laser cleaning
If you are welding the components until you paint them, the oxides must be cleaned to protect the coating from weakening over time. The same needs to apply if the substrate is shiny prior to the coating operation. The laser cleaning procedure absolutely prevents corrosion, ensuring that the coated components are of excellent quality.

Traditional cleaning treatment generally has the following ways:

1. Water cleaning
For generally solid and water-resistant utensils, such as pottery, porcelain, brick, tile, stone, copper, iron, bone, tooth, jade, wood and other materials made of cultural relics and antiques, the dirt attached or contaminated on the surface can be washed with distilled water. The objects on the unearthed objects are hard and cannot be washed off at one time. Do not use metal or hard objects, such as knives and shovels, to remove the objects forcibly during cleaning to avoid damaging the objects, causing undue scratches on their surfaces, or even damaging the objects. Use a few soft bamboo and wood to make them into repair implement (bamboo, wooden knife, bamboo shovel, bamboo needle) pulled down a little by little. In this case, it does not damage implements itself. To the utensil that has a hole to wait like jade of carve of wisp, copper and pottery, the crevice place that its hide bilge wants to use soft cloth to soak after wipe gently. If there are oil stains on the utensils, you can use cleaning agents such as soap and water, wash clean and soak the utensils for a period of time, and then clean them. However, it should be noted that all the utensils treated by the cleaning agent must be rinsed with distilled water several times, so as to avoid the influence of the acid, alkali and other components of the cleaning agent itself on the utensils. After washing utensils should be placed in the shade dry place, to be evaporated water, blow dry after storage. Some texture of antiques can also be dried by hair dryer or drying oven. In order to prevent drying and cracking, the unearthed lacquer, wood and bamboo ware should be soaked in water after washing, that is, immersed in distilled water or medicine solution, placed in glass ware and sealed at low temperature.

laser rust removal machine

2. Dry cleaning
Washing textile cultural relics may fade if they are stained. We should use gasoline to scrub, and also we can use dry cleaning essence directly spray in the stain. Dry cleaning essence should be tested before the use. Dry cleaning is best to start from the less obvious areas or corners, and finally to the center of the tissue or obvious parts.

3. Dry scrubbing
In order to maintain the natural color of the original utensils due to the erosion of the earth’s atmosphere over the years, it is not suitable for rinsing with water and chemicals. For this kind of utensils, gently wipe the utensils with a soft cloth.

4. Wind drying
For paper articles and some fabrics that are not suitable for washing or dry rubbing, air drying method should be selected to blow away dust and moisture on the surface. When airing outdoors, we should pay attention to weather changes, avoid long-term exposure to strong sunlight, avoid strong winds, and master temperature and humidity changes at any time. At the same time, avoid smoke pollution near the chimney. Prevent the destruction of birds and insects, but also avoid the willow season air, in order to prevent pollen contamination and so on.

5. Mechanical cleaning
For larger, bulky and irregular utensils, such as furniture, felt, hollow objects, we can use vacuum cleaners and other mechanical machines to remove the dust; For large stone carvings, sculptures, etc., high pressure air pumps can be used at the same time of vacuuming to blow off dust that is not easy to be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner.

6. Chemical cleaning
It is mainly used for antiques and unearthed cultural relics preserved in various harsh environments. These implements buried underground for a long time, and rusted and decayed by a variety of environmental and harmful substances. Because of the different mixtures and corrosion conditions in the unearthed objects, the self-dispensing liquid should be tested before it is used until obvious effects are achieved. Because each item is different, different drugs and methods are used.



Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Application

Complete paint removal, Cleaning of large molds, Weld seam pre-treatment.Pre-coating surface preparation / contaminant removal.Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding, Nuclear de-contamination Fast removal of rust/oxides, oil, grease & production residues.Industrial, military, & shipyard – production intensive de-coating

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