Edge banding machine maintenance

If the daily use of furniture edge banding machine frequent and maintenance is not in place, over time will lead to the edge machine equipment aging in advance, thereby shortening the service life, so the daily care and regular maintenance of the edge machine is essential, maintenance and maintenance of the edge machine mainly has the following basic operations:

1. Refuel the running machine regularly.

2. Timetog check whether the screw is loose, once found immediately tightened, if necessary, should replace the screw.

3. Timely clean up the excess glue and wood chips on the edge machine equipment, and keep the operating surface of the equipment clean.

4. Remove the waste around the edge banding machine in time and keep the operating area clean.

5. The size of the coating amount and the use of the temperature should be based on the thickness, width and size of the workpiece, as well as the heating capacity of the edge machine itself to make the corresponding adjustment.

6. Regularly clean the plastic pot, to prevent long-term high temperature heating and the formation of carbon accumulation, affecting the normal heating effect of the equipment.

7. The return of the glue port should be kept open, otherwise the lower port of the workpiece will be very dirty, thus affecting the quality, at the same time, the glue will also be attached to the conveyor belt and travel switch, resulting in the wrong movement of the travel switch and damage to the workpiece and equipment.

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