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Why 1325 CNC Engraving Machine knife Too High

The above content takes you to understand the basic knowledge, buying guide, operation method, and maintenance guide of 1325 CNC Engraving Machine in detail. It’s clear that CNC wood engraving machine occupies a large part of the market, and it will become more and more popular in the future. As one of the leaders in the CNC machine industry, IGOLDENCNC has professional knowledge and an excellent work team. If you have any needs, please contact us. We promise to give you the most professional advice.

Wood CNC Router1325 CNC Engraving Machineto lift the knife is too high and thus wasted a lot of carrying knives, drop the knife time. Then you canmodify the settings? May be beginners in the use of woodworking engraving machine will encounter such a problem: the distance is too large to do relief carving tool carrying knives.

Wood CNC Router

Tool put a knife is usually set too high due to safe Z height and the origin of a high degree of relief surface of the reason is too high. Method to solve a problem is security Z height and origin height is set to a relief appearance is relatively low value. Safe Zheight and the height of the origin of the value to set the tool path Manager page. Assurance tool harmonious collision process parts, and general use ArtCA M processing relief. Should try to be safe Z height values set to the minimum, thus reducing the air-way movement of the tool, improve processing efficiency.

Wood CNC Router

The data are broken some customers often reflect such a question: woodworking engraving machine carved from a word to carveanother word Z-axis is not carrying knives.

Computer system failures have re-hardcover systems, problems like this is what causes it? Computer systems are vulnerable tovirus or Trojan order of destruction. If the customer Wentai carving software devices in the computer drive C below, then carvedafter the computer reinstall the system software will be lost, so you have to again device the Wentai 3D engraving software.Engraving software installations completed after the original parameters, which parameters are the default, some data need me toadjust. There is a carrying knives distance, when the first time I do a good job path custody, carrying knives distance to default of 0if I did not modify the above-mentioned phenomenon, there will be. Carrying knives distance under normal circumstances,modified 5-10 can, so that 1325 wood engraving machine will be in accordance with the value set automatically lift the knifecompleted sculpture will not scratch material. This will reduce unnecessary losses.

Warning: All operations must be operated under power off.

  1. The connection between the mechanical body and the control box,
  2. Connect the control data line on the main body of the machine to the control box.
  3. The power cord plug on the machine body is plugged into the standard 220V power supply.
  4. For the connection between the control box and the computer, insert one end of the data cable into the data signal input port on the control box, and the other end into the computer.
  5. Plug one end of the power cord into the power supply on the control box, and the other end into a standard 220V power socket.
  6. Install the router bit on the lower end of the spindle through the spring chuck. When installing the tool, first put a spring chuck of suitable size in the taper hole of the spindle, then put the tool into the middle hole of the chuck, and use a random small wrench to clamp the flat groove of the spindle neck to prevent it from rotating, and then use a large wrench to turn the spindle nut counterclockwise to tighten the tool.

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