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New Four-process CNC cutting machine

With the development of science and technology and market production demand, many panel furniture and whole-house custom manufacturing enterprises use intelligent numerical control equipment for the production and processing of cabinets and wardrobes. As a professional sheet cutting equipment, CNC cutting machine can realize cutting, punching, grooving and other functions on one machine. Combined with professional design and dismantling software, it can truly realize the customized production of cabinets and wardrobes, saving time and effort.

4 Process CNC Nesting MachineIf your production volume is small, you only need to process a few boards per day, it belongs to a family workshop, and the area you face is only at the township or county level, then at this time, a single-head cutting machine may be enough. production needs. The price of a single-head engraving machine is generally around 30,000 to 40,000 yuan.

If the scale is large, facing the county and city level, and there are also some township wholesale agents, the daily output is about 30-40 boards, then a four-process CNC cutting machine can basically be equipped. meet production needs. A four-process CNC cutting machine is basically about 80,000 to 90,000 yuan.

If it is a large-scale, mass-produced large-scale custom enterprise, CNC woodworking processing centers and six-sided drills are required. High degree of automation, can meet mass production. Of course, the price will be higher.

nesting CNC machine

Four-process CNC cutting machine

As for the price of CNC cutting machine, the price of different models and configurations will definitely be different, so you can compare several sets with the same configuration when purchasing. Of course, in addition to configuration, the manufacturer’s production scale, production and assembly process, and after-sales service are also very important.

The functions of the four-process CNC cutting machine include the following points: cutting, slotting, punching, and engraving (simple modeling). The four processes can not only do cabinet opening, but also cabinet door carving, killing two birds with one stone, and the cost performance is still relatively high.

The four-process CNC cutting machine carries four knives for simple cabinet door carving. Slightly more complex processes (more than four tools) require manual tool changes and tool recalibration. Processing efficiency is medium. Of course, each manufacturer’s equipment configuration and process are different, and the efficiency is definitely different. The machine can process about 40 boards in eight hours a day. Processes used in cabinet machining include cutting, grooving and punching. A knife (generally 8mm) is required for cutting, a knife (determined according to the thickness of the back plate) is required for grooving, and the punching hole is generally 8mm, 10mm, 15mm (other holes can be equipped with knives as required). The minimum diameter of the knife must be installed. If the large diameter tool is not enough, the small diameter tool can be used to ream the hole.

The advantages of four-process CNC cutting machine processing panel furniture:

Dual-purpose door panel and cabinet: From the structural point of view, the four-process is a simple tool-changing model, using four spindles to realize the tool-changing function through pneumatic switching. It can be used for the punching function of the cabinet body, and it can also be used for simple door type processing.

Simple operation: Compared with the drilling and cutting center, the operation of the four-process CNC cutting machine is simple and easy to learn. Once one spindle fails, the equipment can also complete the cutting and punching function with three spindles.

The price is relatively low: suitable for small and medium-sized furniture factories. Even the high-end four-process CNC cutting machine with a price of about 100,000 yuan is very cost-effective compared with the model with the drill bit package. It is a good choice for furniture factories with certain pressure on capital.

In general, the four-process CNC cutting machine, as an entry-level CNC cutting equipment, still has great advantages in panel furniture processing. At present, there are many brands of four-process CNC cutting machines on the market, and the prices are also uneven. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, you must do more research and find some top-ranked manufacturers, such as Jiabang CNC woodworking machinery. There are many manufacturers who are good at fighting price wars. Don’t be greedy to buy low-quality equipment cheaply. There may be a series of after-sales problems in the later stage, which will affect the use of equipment and delay the normal production progress.

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