4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine

Do you really know how to use the knives on the engraving machine?

Whether it is cutting or engraving, the tool is inseparable. The correct use and storage of the tool will greatly increase its service life. Superstar CNC introduces you to some precautions for the tool. I hope you can pay attention to it when using it.

4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving MachineFirst of all, the precautions for tool operation:

Take our Superstar CNC engraving machine as an example, the tools provided by the company are designed to rotate clockwise.

  1. Be sure to choose a jacket of the appropriate size. Those with a cross-section, wear marks and a tapered inner hole cannot provide enough clamping force. The jacket must be replaced immediately, otherwise it will cause the tool handle to vibrate and fly. Danger of breaking or twisting.
  2. The tool shank jacket should be in good contact, and the tool shank must be completely inserted into the jacket and tightened firmly. When the tool shank is clamped and found that the contact marks of the shank are uneven or there are grooves, it indicates that there is slippage and clamping. If the inner hole of the sleeve is deformed, the sleeve must be replaced immediately.
  3. When the tool is blunt, please do not continue to use it. If you continue to process, it will increase the cutting torque of the tool body, which will exceed the bearing capacity of the tool body, cause the tool to break, and even cause industrial accidents.
  4. The straightness and bending of the work piece are too large, which will affect the service life of the tool. Especially when the cutting depth is greater than the cutting thickness of the cutting edge, high temperature will be generated when the non-edge part is in contact with the work piece, and the prop will be deformed, causing the tool to be deformed. Bending or breaking, and even industrial accidents.
  5. Please use suitable glasses to ensure the device when operating. Body, clothing, hair and sundries should not be near objects at work.

Second, the choice of cutting amount of engraving machine tool

When cutting different materials, the cutting speed is very important to the service life of the tool and the processing quality of the work piece. A reasonable cutting amount will make the cutting lighter, better and safer.

4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine

Larger tools should be cut at low speed and propelled slowly, the propelling speed should be uniform and stable, and the propelling should be continuous. Remember: There must be no stops during the cutting process. If a larger diameter tool is used, the cutting can be completed in a few advances, which increases the life of the tool and makes the operation safer.

Third, the maintenance of the tool

  1. Keep the knives clean, and use the special solvent for standard tools to remove dirt, cabinet grease and other impurities.
  2. Apply an appropriate amount of mechanical oil to prevent the surface of the tool from rusting and damaging.
  3. Do not over-grind the tool and change the shape of the tool without authorization, because each grinding process requires special mechanical equipment and special grinding skills to meet the requirements of use, otherwise it is easy to cause the cutting edge to break, produce industrial accidents.
  4. The bearing cannot be cleaned with solvents such as diesel oil or kerosene, otherwise the special grease inside will be destroyed, and the dust and dirt can be blown out.

This is the end of Superstar CNC introduction to the engraving machine tool. I hope you can read the above article carefully, and you can easily deal with the problem when you operate the engraving machine. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us~

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