CNC cutting machine

What brand of CNC cutting machine is good?

At present, there are many manufacturers of cutting machines on the market, but there are only a handful of manufacturers who can pass the quality inspection of the machine and provide timely after-sales service. The quality of the CNC cutting machine will have a great relationship with your future production. If you buy a machine with good after-sales service in a timely manner, then you don’t need to be busy with production, and you don’t have to stay up late to maintain the machine. What are the important criteria that CNC cutting machines can meet to increase production?

CNC cutting machineHigh configuration

The workload of the CNC cutting machine is relatively large, and the stability of the quality of the parts is very high. The configuration equipment of the machine is the basis to ensure the quality and stability of the equipment. A good cutting machine should meet the basic requirements of high configuration.

CNC cutting machine

Good adsorption effect

In the production process of cabinets and wardrobe cabinets, there will be many small wooden boards and sliver processing. If the equipment is not well adsorbed, it is easy to cause problems with the running board. Of course, if the adsorption of the equipment is not good, the speed of the machine cannot be improved.

Four Process Nested CNC Router

Good vacuuming effect

Although the vacuuming effect does not affect the processing effect, in the case of high environmental protection requirements, the vacuuming of the equipment itself can only meet the standard. Moreover, if the dust collection effect of the equipment is not good, it is easy to cause the aging of the equipment accessories, affect the service life of the equipment, and increase the workload of workers to clean the equipment.


Processing speed is an important indicator of equipment performance. Under the current situation of fierce competition and low profit margins in the panel furniture industry, the production efficiency of equipment directly affects the production efficiency of enterprises.

Jiabang CNC editor reminds you to check the reputation of the manufacturer before purchasing the equipment, consult friends who have used the equipment, and old customers who have used the equipment will give us some practical suggestions.

Recommended equipment: double spindle + row drill CNC cutting machine

The dual-spindle + row-drill CNC cutting machine is equipped with a drill package, equipped with two 6.0kw air-cooled spindles, 9-hole drill packages, and operates independently. Fast, high precision, efficient and stable. Hardware holes of different diameters can be processed. Processing of various types of furniture, such as panel furniture, office furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, etc. The most advanced multi-function dual-spindle CNC milling machine designed by Jiabang CNC, suitable for wooden cabinet production, dual-spindle synchronous operation, with a set of competitive configuration.

Features of double spindle + row drilling CNC cutting machine

Optimized cutting, punching, grooving, and perfect combination, alternate processing of double table tops, to maximize efficiency and output;

Equipped with a 5+4 nine-hole vertical drill package, which is more suitable for drilling holes in panel furniture, more convenient and fast;

Adopt 200*250 thick-walled square tube bracket structure, engineering aesthetic appearance design structure;

Advanced numerical control system, stable performance and simple operation;

Adopt double-layer vacuum adsorption table, which can adsorb plates of different sizes;

Four-direction, six-action plate automatic positioning system is adopted, and the plate positioning is more accurate;

Equipped with auxiliary feeding and dust removal device

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