Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Small portable laser descaling machine in 2022

For metals, the most formidable enemy is not time, but water and oxygen. These two substances are what we live on, but they are deadly to metals. Water and oxygen combine to react with the metal, producing oxides. Taking iron as an example, after rusting, the rust is more likely to absorb water, and if it is not removed in time, the rust will grow faster.

Laser rust removal is an important link in industrial production and other fields. It subverts the traditional “chemical cleaning, mechanical grinding, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning” and other cleaning and rust removal technologies. It is a new type of cleaning and derusting technology that has developed rapidly in recent years.

Generally, the bottom of the laser descaling equipment is equipped with a universal wheel, which is convenient to move, while the small portable laser descaling machine is small in size and easy to move. The volume is reduced, but the effect of laser rust removal remains unchanged, which is more suitable for some narrow places or high-altitude operations.

Portable Laser Cleaning MachinePortable Laser Cleaning MachineThe small portable laser rust remover outputs laser light from the laser head, and the operator holds the laser head to remove rust from the workpiece. When removing rust from large workpieces or large equipment, the flexible front end is beneficial to the operator’s operation. It can remove rust from various parts of the workpiece and equipment, and some parts that are not easy to remove rust can also be effectively treated.

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Advantages of small portable laser rust remover:

  1. It does not touch the workpiece, and can simply handle the attachments on the surface of the fine workpiece;
  2. The small portable laser descaling machine is designed with a trolley case, which is convenient for transportation and carrying;
  3. The laser descaling equipment is easy to operate and easy for beginners to learn;
  4. Laser rust removal has no consumables, low cost, high speed, high efficiency, time saving and long service life;
  5. Without damaging the surface of the material, the attachments on the surface of the material can be selectively cleaned to achieve precise positioning, cleaning and rust removal.

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Small portable laser descaling machine

Small portable laser rust remover equipment is light in weight and highly portable or mobile. – For the 100W laser cleaning machine, we use a one-piece high-strength injection-molded tie-rod chassis, with a total weight of 28kg, which is convenient for high-speed rail carry or air consignment. – 200W and 300W are air-cooled, greatly reducing the size and weight of the equipment. Most of the other products are close to a cubic meter or so, and ours is half that size. Other water-cooled 200-watt laser cleaning equipment weighs around 170kg, and our air-cooled 200-watt laser cleaning machine weighs only 100kg.

100W, 200W, 300W are all air-cooled, and the equipment consumes less energy. – Taking 200 watts as an example, the maximum power consumption of other similar products is 2kW or more, and ours is less than 1kW.

The laser head is small and convenient for hand-held cleaning. – The laser uniformly adopts the output armored cable customized for laser cleaning. The laser head is light and flexible, and the weight is less than 1kg. The weight of the laser head of similar products is generally about 3kg.

MOPA fiber laser with adjustable pulse width, large pulse energy and wide frequency adjustment range. – Using MOPA fiber laser, the pulse width is adjustable, which can expand more applications, from short pulse width high peak power to long pulse width high pulse energy, to meet different application scenarios. Short pulse width can reduce heat input, reduce thermal effects, and improve the oxidation and discoloration of some substrates. Large pulse energy can improve cleaning ability and improve the efficiency of applications such as paint removal. – Pulse energy 1.5mJ (100W), 12mJ (200W), 15mJ (300W) are the highest in their class.

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