Double Spindles CNC Machining Center

Furniture PVC Furniture Making Production Line

How to build a cabinet with high quality and efficiency has always been what the cabinet makers are chasing for. Today’s market requires cabinet makers to use automated equipment and technology to gain a competitive advantage. And also meet the custom cabinet making requirements of customers. The advent of CNC machinery has provided the tools, support and resources that exceed manual machines to build a cabinet. It has made cabinet making much more efficient.

Double Spindles CNC Machining CenterFunction introduction of furniture making production line

  1. Multi-dimension integration: perfect combination of automatic feeding, optimized cutting, drilling, grooving and automatic cutting. The process is uninterrupted, achieving high efficiency and output, and strong compatibility with a variety of order removal software Seamless;
  2. Adopt modular design: single spindle CNC drilling package, dual spindle CNC drilling package, three spindles, disc tool magazine automatic tool change spindle, disc tool magazine automatic tool change spindle CNC drilling package five kinds of modular units;
  3. High-precision processing: cnc router Production Line for Cabinet Furniture 200×250 thick-walled rectangular tube T-shaped structure, tempering or vibration vector effect processing, imported pentahedral metal processing center for high-precision milling processing;
  4. Guide rail design: side-mounted, three-sided flange slider design structure, stable operation, rack rail guide is all dust-proof design structure, guide rail adopts segmented structure, guide rail replacement without professionals, more convenient;
  5. Simple operation: imported CNC system, stable performance, simple operation Ordinary people can complete the operation after simple training, without professional knowledge;
  6. Strengthen the adsorption table: it can adsorb different sizes of plates, and the small cutting plate can reach 25mm;
  7. Positioning: A four-direction, six-action plate automatic positioning system is adopted. The plate positioning is faster and more accurate. It matches the automatic detection system for plate feeding in place, which can effectively prevent various unexpected situations that may occur during the plate feeding process
  8. Automatic dust removal: The patented design structure of the whole machine is equipped with a unique feeding and dust removal mechanism, which can completely solve the problem of “dust” in the feeding belt, and can truly achieve continuous work without human intervention;
  9. Central intelligent management: matching with the central intelligent dust removal system,Production Line for Cabinet Furniture can ensure that the particulate wastes in all links and parts are effectively cleaned and collected, and can effectively guarantee the continuity of the opening work. It is equipped with a central automatic lubrication system and set to automatically Oil injection to ensure the efficient operation of the machine;

Main features of furniture making production line :

  1. Machine with integral welding body, high inflexibility structure design, material stress analysis & forming by heat treatment, avoid deformation.
  2. Original Taiwan Syntech controlling system orTaiwan LNC control panel, professional electronic parts, perfect function.
  3. High accuracy mould working spindle motor with auto tool change function cooling by water or air cooling9kw ATC spindle ,China HQD or Italy HSD.
  4. Original Taiwan made tool magazine with linear type 8/10/12 pcs of tools.
  5. Original Taiwan Delta 750w servo driver board and servo motor, Z axis with brake motor.
  6. All axis with PMI or Hiwin  linear rail from Taiwan, high precision imported ball screw transmitting for X, Y, Z axis, also block with self-lubrication function ensure machine running smoothly in high speed, lower noise.
  7. Industrialized machine frame.
  8. Standard with vacuum suction table.bigger power vacuum pump, germany brand is optional.
  9. Standard with vacuum suction table.bigger power vacuum pump, germany brand is optional.

Furniture making production line Working Sample

1.Furniture wooden doors cabinets plate office and wood furniture table,chair door and windows.

2.The wood products voice,game cabinets,computer table sewing machine table,instrument.

3.Plate processing insulation part, plastic chemical components ,PCB inner body of the car, bowling tracks.stair epoxy resin,ABS,PP.PE and the other carbon mixed compound.

4.Decorate industry, Acrylic PVC,MDF,Artificial stone,organic glass,plastic and soft metal.Such as copper,aluminum plate engraving and milling process.

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