Acrylic Engraving Machine

Acrylic Engraving Machine Advertising Word Making Machine

Application of Acrylic Engraving Machine

Acrylic Engraving Machine, for arge character cutting, sign making, cutting PVC, crystal plate, acrylic, aluminium plate engraving and cutting, led / neon groove, hole-shaped literal cutting, plastic light box mold making.

Acrylic Engraving MachineAcrylic Engraving Machine


New 5.5kW water cooled spindle, high accuracy, long lifetime

Imported Servo motor, high speed, low noise

Advanced ATC system, changing fast, 10 sets of cutter(optinal) .

Industrial steel tube welding frame, box structure, good loading capacity.

Use Professional device to eliminate welding stress, high precision planer processing, ensures its precision and no deformation

Machine own weight big, ensures it more stable in running at high speed, no vibrate.

XY use imported high-precision ball screw or gear rack, linear square rails, ensures high accuracy

Professional design, more scientific, more reasonable.

Acrylic Engraving MachineAcrylic Engraving Machine

Machine Advantages

The industrial heavy-duty seamless welding structure design is adopted, and the finite element method is used to calculate the reverse deformation of the welding structure. The excellent strength and rigidity are ensured through the heat treatment of the fuselage.

Adopt fixed column frame gantry, table moving transmission mode, make the equipment more stable, less vibration.

Multi point touchdown can adjust the foot of the machine, which is convenient to adjust the balance of the machine.

Taiwan’s high-precision linear square guide, and imported high-precision ball screw, higher precision.

Equipped with mature NCStudio control system to ensure that the machine tool operates at high speed, fine without saw tooth ripple, smooth bottom plane and clear contour.

High frequency, high power water-cooled spindle, low noise, high torque, low jump rate, high cutting efficiency, high brightness products.

The vacuum adsorption platform is equipped as standard, and the table adopts partition control, which can adsorb different materials of different sizes to meet various processing requirements.

Independent control cabinet, strong and weak current separation, more convenient maintenance.

Scope of Application

Woodworking Industry: 3D carved plates with wave patterns, cabinet door, solid wooden door,

Craft wooden door, nonpainting wooden door, screen, craft windows,  computer desk and panel furniture auxiliary processing.

Advertising Industry: Advertising billboard, sign making, acrylic cutting, graphic mold forming and  processing other kinds of advertisements.

Other Industry: Engraving image, embossing making,  making craft and gift, etc.

Acrylic Engraving MachineAcrylic Engraving MachineAcrylic Engraving MachineAcrylic Engraving Machine

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