CNC Wood Carving Machine

CNC Wood Carving Machine Router in Furniture Industry

CNC Wood router is a furniture machine that has become popular in recent years. Wood router is high accuracy, easy operation, fast work speed. CNC wood carving has been widely used in furniture market.

CNC Wood Carving Machine

Wood carving machine is used in furniture factories for carving, cutting, hollowing, etc. CNC wood router greatly exerts the artistic creativity of the furniture industry. It is a rare good tool.

Now most furniture companies have dozens or even hundreds of cnc machine router. Some small and medium sized owners also used wood router. wood carving machine has become a major member of furniture market.

3 Axis Single Head CNC Router Machin

What should be mastered to use a cnc wood router

Because many clients have never used an cnc machine router before bue. they should pay attention to the following issues when learning an engraving machine.

  1. theory training: The training work must start from theory training. And the operator must be able to carry out operation training.
  2. The use of machine tools: after theory training, tool training must be carried out. Operators must know common tools, engraving motor speed, travel speed, precautions, etc. And operators must know the application of tools.
  3. Materials application: The operator must know the application of materials, be familiar with materials, thicknesses, and finished product sizes. Familiar with engraving methods of materials.
  4. The operation of software: The software training is foucs on user application. For the aspects that the user does not need, you can learn by yourself with manual. The software are: various types of software, various operations, path generation, and ability to quickly find path errors.
  5. Machine operation training: After the above various trainings, The operating personnel are trained on operating safety and operating precautions. And the trained personnel will be on the operating safety issues After signing the approval, the operator can carry out machine operation training.
  6. Training on machine operation and maintenance.

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