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Looking for the first CNC plasma cutting machine? This is a comprehensive buyer guide

Are you looking for a portable CNC plasma cutter for your industry? If you have never sold and use it for the first time, this buyer is suitable for you.

In addition, through this blog, we will understand the work processes of the portable CNC plasma cutter throughout the process and sustaining machines and safety hazards, you should know.

With the increasing technology innovation, more and more industries require portable CNC plasma cutter as a good supplement to its business. The computer controlled device can produce complex and complex patterns on the surface of the material. The portable CNC plasma cutter is exactly cut and engraved with the ability to generate the prototype of the object.

If you are also thinking about providing one for your industry, you should carefully study before purchasing a plasma machine to save a considerable amount of time and cost of your company.

In addition, plasma cutting machines can be used in art, logos, jewelry, manufacturing, etc. It also has the ability to cut straight steel tubes, drilling and coil. You can rely on the IGOLDENCNC portable CNC plasma cutter, which can cut 5 mm and 3 mm thick steel pipes and sheets.

The portable CNC plasma machine carries the plasma torch and moves the torch in the path specifically manipulated by the computer. The following is some important features that must be considered when operating the CNC machine. Let us see them:

Important factors you should consider

Determine the thickness of the metal

The thickness is one of the most important features that the operator should be determined. Before using a cutter, it is important to measure the thickness of the metal that needs to be cut. The plasma cutting machine depends on the material you choose to cut.

Best cutting speed

The CNC plasma tool kit is used in a variety of environments. It is ideal for cutting steel and other types of non-ferrous metallic materials, which supports oxidation, but it does not depend on oxidation.

The plasma machine has a variety of shapes and sizes, providing a cutting speed for a metal thickness measured in inches per minute (IPM) in inch. You should choose a machine that processes twice the normal thickness of the machine to process twice the thickness of the normal cutting thickness.

Machine work quality

Plasma cutting technology is getting better and better, more and better about 30 years, and continue to do so. The quality of the equipment is superior to the manual cutting process. With this advanced technology, you can easily reduce workpieces and create different design.

The work quality of the machine depends on the cutting quality on the metal. The better the metal quality is effective. Therefore, considering several factors such as machinery, plasma cutting systems, motion control devices, process variables, and external variables, and try to improve the appearance of cutting.

Igolden uses world-renowned brand plasma cutters, such as PowerMax / Cutmaster plasma generators and cut torches. The torch height control system allows the torch to sense the cutting height, and even if the metal plate is not very flat, it can even cut high quality.

When operating a portable CNC plasma machine, make sure you follow the appropriate specifications and the correct process for metal type, metal thickness, cutting quality, and productivity target. In addition, it is ensured that the plasma arc cut is in an appropriate direction, and the correct process is selected to cut the material.

When operating the machine, always adjust the cutting speed of the machine, set the appropriate torch to work distance, and identify and fix any leaks or restrictions.

Working process of plasma tool

What is a plasma cutting machine?

Plasma CNC cutters are the process of cutting through conductive materials with a help of hot plasma. The plasma cutting machine uses the high-speed jet of the ionic gas delivered from the orifice. The plasma is conducted from the plasma cutter to conduct electric power to the workpiece and heated the object, thereby melting the material. The high-speed stream of the ionospheric is mechanically blown away from the molten metal, division material.

In the simplest terms, plasma machines can be used in various types of conductive metals such as low carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Mildness is the consistency of steel; the operator can experience thicker and faster cutting.

The IGOLDEN portable CNC plasma machine has a smooth cutting edge of the material, clean and precise cut. Product is ideally suited for automobile manufacturing, steel cutting, construction, sign shops, metal production, decorative fencing. Please refer to the window fence item below, built by the Omni client.

The plasma jet cutting process using a high-speed transfer of the ionized gas from the constricting orifice. The plasma power and conductive heat transfer from the workpiece to the torch plasma cutter. Plasma heating of the workpiece, a high-speed flow of ionized gas blows away the molten metal, to produce a clean and clear cut in the material.

How to operate a plasma cutting machine?

Sale plasma cutting table, cut a thick metal plate can be in any shape and size. This computer-controlled machine provides instructions via a computer by manual handheld plasma tool. It is compatible with optional CNC components, improves accuracy, flexibility, and productivity.

This plasma cutting machine purchase, you will receive before operating the machine to be installed plasma cutting software.

Software for operating plasma tools

Software with plasma tools is one of the most important parts of the machine. It allows the operator to successfully design, cut and control the operation of the plasma torch. To use the tool to create the plasma top quality design, the operator must use AutoCAD for CAD and EXG member cam portion of the code. The actual control of plasma is usually aromized with the CNC plasma table.

How to evolve CNC plasma cut?

The plasma cutting machine has gone a long way. It develops a large extent and is considered one of the most effective production equipment for cutting metal plates and sheets.

The plasma machine has greater flexibility and materials that can perform different shapes on the basis of programmed instructions. These machines are usually limited to cutting various patterns using the X and Y motor shafts.

Maintenance tips

Maintenance of ignoring the plasma CNC table will result in damage to the machine. The mechanical components of the machine will wear wear.

When the components of the machine failure fails, the troubleshooting or maintenance of the machine must prevent any type of risk.

Here are some maintenance tips that you should consider any possible injury and death prevention may occur if the machine has not been properly maintained.

Check the torch body

Remove the torch member with a cotton swab to clean the inside cutting torch used in the cleaning agent. Separate the torch with its mounting tube and slide it back. In addition, make sure the torch body does not leak or damage any connection.

Cleaning torch lead

Torch lead wipe is removed and the torch lead metal accumulated dust and dirt. Metal dust causes high electric pressure required to start the plasma arc. Also, check the hose kinking or wear, exposed wires and damaged parts, which may be the cause of injury and death.

Cleaning power

Clean the accumulated metal dust with the help of clean, dry, and shopping. Metal dust may cause damage to the power supply assembly, especially the PC board. In addition, contractors, relays, and spark gap assemblies may also malfunction due to excessive metallic dust. Make sure the air filter is clean so that the power supply will not be impeded.

Check torch cooling parts

Check the coolant flow in the tank to use to absorb air or reduce traffic. Check traffic to switch and make sure the flow is normal. Insufficient coolant will cause the torch overheating. Check the coolant filter, pump screen, and clean / replace them depending on the situation. The coolant resistivity is checked with the help of the conductivity meter. For most systems, the resistivity of the coolant should not exceed 10 microns.

Align and adjust gears and bearings

Adjust and adjust the gear sales of the CNC plasma cutting machine so that the gear does not overlap the shelf. Be sure to adjust the track and cross drive correctly. The alignment of the bearing should be minimal. Correspondingly, the gear and bearing are changed, and they will not tighten them. Adjust the beam until it is freely scrolling very small vibration and resistance.

Check security restrictions

In operation CNC plasma cutting machine, to ensure security measures to prevent any damage to the machine. To ensure that the machine is stopped upon reaching each switch, a mechanical stop and also checks to make sure the machine is working properly.

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