Rotary Axis CNC Router

Side-mounted Rotary Axis CNC Router for Sale at Low Price

Product Introduction about Side-mounted Rotary Axis CNC Router 

2021 best Side-mounted Rotary Axis CNC Router lathe machine with rotary axis (4th axis) is designed for 2D/3D CNC woodworking projects, which is also known as CNC lathe router machine. Now the rotary axis CNC router lathe machine for sale at low price.

The 3D woodworking machine CNC router is equipped with a right rotation axis, multi-purpose and cost-effective, which has both flat plate carving and column engraving functions. It is mainly used for 3D engraving process, wave board processing, wooden door processing, solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, etc.

Rotary Axis CNC RouterRotary Axis CNC Router

What are the Functions of Rotary Axis?

  1. Calculating the rotary cutting path does not need to expand the surface.
  2. There is no need to rotate the workpiece repeatedly, the tool path calculation is completed at one time.
  3. Reduce the finishing allowance, the tool path can be roughed in layers.
  4. Realize partial rotation carving, the angle range and length range can be set.
  5. Affected by the accuracy of the fixture, the machining of irregularly rotating workpieces usually adopts multi-face rotation positioning machining. There are always seams between different machining directions.
  6. Rotary machining without positioning joints adopts the integral method of rotating shaft, and the engraving machine generates an automatically closed rotary cutting path.

How to Use a Rotary Axis?

  1. Put it directly on the platform, so that the gantry needs to be heightened, and the size of the platform will not affect the plane carving. The rotating shaft can be put on and taken down at any time.
  2. Put the side of the platform, the diameter of the rotating shaft affects whether the gantry is heightened. If the diameter is large, the gantry needs to be heightened. If the diameter is 10cm, it is not necessary.
  3. The table surface sinks as a whole, put the rotation axis under the platform, if carving a plane, place the platform on the rotary axis for carving.

Side-mounted Rotary Axis CNC Router Features and Advantages

  1. The front rotation axis does not affect the working stroke of the platform.
  2. It adopts square guide rail with adjustable clearance and replaceable raceway, with a life span of no less than 10 years and the best overall performance.
  3. The box-type cast iron platform is used to ensure high rigidity and high precision.
  4. High-efficiency machining with high-power spindle motor.
  5. Compatible with Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Proe/UG/Wentai and other software.
  6. It has functions such as power failure recovery, continuous carving after power failure, processing time prediction, etc., a truly humanized design.

Rotary Axis CNC RouterRotary Axis CNC Router

Why choose CNC router?

 Used to cut softer materials like wood, plastic, and foam.

Mounted on a stationary table with a larger workspace.

Features a spindle that moves along X, Y, and Z axes.

Operates at high speeds.

Uses rotational speed to make cuts.

Makes 3D Cutting much easier.

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