Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine Routers

The Function And Advantage Of Six-sided Drill

Six-sided drill, through the wireless scanning code to actively identify all hole positions and slot information, one-time six-sided drilling and front and back slotting, production and processing one-time automatic clamping and positioning, without turning over, automatically sent to the processing area, processing After finishing, take the initiative to discharge materials, manual sorting, high operating power, and evenly process more than 100 plates in 8 hours; it is recommended to be equipped with an active feeder to ensure the utilization rate of the six-sided drill;

Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine

Advantages of six-sided drill production line:

  1. Advanced planning: advanced pass-through planning, capable of docking reversal lines and unmanned manipulators, processing width of 1.22 meters, processing length is not limited, the industry’s few six-sided drills that can successfully dock fully active production lines; air float table and The bed planning, the industrial control cabinet adopts air-conditioning and refrigeration, and the drill bag comes with auxiliary support to ensure accurate processing and stable operation.
  2. Powerful function: can complete the drilling up and down drilling together for the perforation (the actual production is slightly ahead of the down drilling processing time to prevent the drill bit collision); the front and back surface grooving can complete the upper and lower spindles together processing; and can complete the double plate It can be processed together with small plate drilling and slotting, and it can also be used for glass door milling and other processing
  3. Experienced skills: from the early PTP five-sided drill to the through-type five-sided drill, and then to the through-type CNC six-sided drill, rich experience in skill development and application;
  4. Fast operation: the layout and structure planning of the work surface and control panel fits the features of man-machine cooperation, convenient operation, and reduction of invalid labor in turning operations. It is the normal planning structure of the six-sided drill on the market;
  5. The process is the first: the bed is tempered after connection to remove the stress and the surface is sandblasted, the bed is stable and not deformed, and the sandblasting removes the oxide layer to improve the mechanical performance of the surface, and the paint does not fall off;


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