3 Axis 4×8 CNC Router Machine

Advantages of wood CNC machine compared with traditional cutting machine

Wood CNC machine have now penetrated into every field. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we need to improve the high quality and production speed of our products. In this case, it is obvious that traditional cutting methods cannot be satisfied. Traditional machines are more bulky and inconvenient for transportation and operation; and the operation is more complicated, and they often make loud noises during work. Need to rely on manual operation, the environment is relatively unsafe. Because it requires manual labor to complete the machining process, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is difficult to process satisfactory products with traditional cutting machines to achieve the desired effect of customers.

The emergence of wood CNC machine solved all the above-mentioned problems. It is faster, 3-5 times that of ordinary machines, and has high machining accuracy. Since the machine is highly automated, no additional labor is required, ensuring a safe production environment. Of course, the only time-consuming part is learning how to design patterns and machine operation instructions.

More powerful functions: you can easily cut foam, leather, fabric, and of course carpets. The multi-knife cutting head of this machine guarantees fine operation, it includes: fixed blade, electric swing knife, cutting, cutting, engraving, etc. In addition, the machine also includes a tangent measurement control function, which can accurately cut edges, square corners and maintain high parts accuracy.

iGOLDENCNC has improved customer experience through years of rich production experience. The wood CNC machine is coordinated through the computer digital control system. We rely on continuous debugging and improvement technology to ensure that it brings huge benefits to users with its advanced functions.

1.Precision work

The high technology and high automation of the CNC carving machine greatly reduces the human error. Its independent processing enables the processing error to be within 0.02-0.03mm, which can well meet the needs of customers and also meet some customers’ desire for personalized production.

2.Realize batch processing.

Sometimes customers want mass production and the appearance of the products are consistent. If they rely on traditional manual production, even the most experienced and skilled engineers will not be able to meet the same requirements. The CNC machine can be precisely matched to produce multiple identical products, which satisfies manufacturers who want to carry out mass production.

3.Strong adaptability

The CNC router machine can change the customer’s needs in time and make corrections by connecting to the CAD software, which is very flexible and applicable.

4.Reduce production costs

Whether it is to minimize labor requirements, or high-speed functions, higher efficiency. All greatly reduce the cost of the entire production process. Lower production costs can reduce sales prices, thereby attracting more customers and increasing the profits of manufacturers.

Therefore, the use of CNC numerical control cutting machine can better meet the cutting of soft materials and the processing of carpets. With such a machine, you will not have to worry about manual errors or product accuracy issues. You just need to follow the instructions we provide to set up the machine, then there is no problem. iGOLDENCNC can provide you with professional technical service guarantee and after-sales service. You don’t have to worry about learning machine, we promise to teach you. If you are interested in our machines, please leave us a message.

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