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Customized panel furniture is becoming more and more popular now, and many wood factories have been put into production. Customized panel furniture has a short production cycle, low production cost, easy installation and is very popular in the market. There is no difficulty in the production process, and it can be put into production by purchasing special customized panel furniture equipment. , which can greatly save labor costs and improve production efficiency. The quality of the cutting machine directly affects the production of the enterprise, so the choice should be cautious.

The custom furniture cutting machine is an important equipment for the production of custom furniture. There are many manufacturers of cutting machines on the market, but many of them are small workshops, and they are all converted from ordinary woodworking engraving machines. As a result, the follow-up machines cannot be used normally, and various problems continue to emerge, which brings a lot of losses to the purchasing customers. There are also some leather bag companies, which do not have their own workshops and rely on middlemen to make a difference in price. It is conceivable what will happen to the after-sales service in the future.

furniture cutting machineThe CNC cutting machine can not be assembled casually. It needs the combination of theory and practice, and requires professional design engineers to carry out calculation and deduction, and design according to various knowledge such as engineering and physics. The design structure is the key, and the second It is the quality of the accessories. The products designed by different manufacturers are different. Some manufacturers do not have their own engineers and rely on imitating other companies for production, which is only superficial. The quality of such equipment cannot be guaranteed at all.

Wooden Door Making ATC CNC Router Machine

It is hoped that customers must be careful when selecting machines, and do not look the same. In fact, there are big differences.


Which CNC cutting machines are used by furniture companies?

Linear ATC CNC Wood Router

The furniture industry continues to heat up, and the panel furniture cutting machine gradually penetrates into the furniture manufacturing enterprises. Why are furniture companies using CNC cutting machines?

  1. The customized furniture cutting machine saves labor costs, gets rid of the difficulty of recruiting technical operators and their dependence on them, and can complete efficient cutting work.
  2. Improve the utilization rate of the plate, using the advantages of software and tools, it can be nested to make the utilization rate of the plate faster.
  3. The software is optimized and designed, there are library materials, which can be used directly, and the NC file format can be directly produced by inputting the size of the sheet, so that there are zero errors in blanking, cost reduction, simple and easy to learn, and can be learned and applied within 2 days.
  4. The customized furniture cutting machine supports special-shaped processing, ellipse, arc, chamfering and other one-time forming, eliminating the need for manual secondary processing in the later stage.
  5. The processing effect is perfect. Using the advantages of the milling cutter, the processing surface is very flat, so that the edge sealing effect is good, and there is no need to make up for cutting defects in the later stage, which saves the time of packaging and cleaning labor.
  6. The work intensity of the customized furniture cutting machine is low. The use of feeding and cutting can be added. The work of the workers is very easy, and the physical requirements of the workers are very low. Even female workers can complete the work of cutting.
  7. Reduce safety hazards, zero contact between workers and cutting cutters, avoid industrial accidents, and the boss can rest assured.
  8. The panel furniture cutting machine has a wide range of applications and can be used to make panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, and custom furniture.

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