How to Make Cabinet Doors in One Process

For cabinet door making factories, I recommend a production solution to solve the problem of how to make cabinet doors.

Cabinet production line

How to make cabinet doors

This solution is especially designed for making PVC filmed cabinet doors. This solution mainly consists of such CNC machines as 1325 linear ATC machining center, edge banding machine, side drilling machine, vacuum press machine, precision saw, hinge drill and metal strip cutting machine. Flexible combinations of these CNC machines can achieve multiple processes, and create an automatic production line meeting customer requirements. This production line is quite suitable for making cabinets and cabinet doors.While for mass production factories, CNC machines are the best choice. The high automation degree of CNC machinery greatly improves the cabinet door making efficiency. And the finished cabinet doors have high precision and good repeatability, which ensures the consistency of the products.

Cabinet door making process

  1. The first thing to consider for how to build cabinet doors is to select materials. Today we are discussing how to build cabinet doors with wood, so there will be no further details on how to build cabinet doors of metal, glass and other materials. Wood cabinet doors usually adopt materials like solid wood, particle board, melamine board, plywood, MDF, etc. Cabinet doors made of different materials have different characteristics. You may select the materials according to your production needs or customer requirements.

designing, engraving, cutting

  1. how to make cabinet doors: polishing The cabinet door panels need to go through the polishing process to make the surface more smooth during the how to make cabinet doors process. Polishing is also conducive to the following film pressing process. The CNC machine used in this step of make cabinet doors is the CNC wood polishing machine. It is mainly for rough and fine sanding, buffing and polishing the plane and curve surface of wood boards and door panels.


  1. How to make cabinet doors: vacuum filming This process is for the PVC filmed cabinet door making. As suggested in the name, this process is to paste a PVC film on the cabinet door panels under high temperature during the cabinet door making process. The filmed cabinet doors have certain characteristics, such as fire resistant, waterproof, climate resistant etc. Besides, the PVC film is available in various colors and patterns, like wood grain, stone patterns, ice veins, orange peel grain etc. In this step of how to make cabinet doors, you will need the vacuum press machine.

vacuum filming


iGOLDEN provides multiple production lines for making cabinets, PVC doors, solid wooden doors, high-gloss cabinet doors, non-porous cabinets, etc. For example, the cabinet production line integrates nesting CNC machine, edge banding machine, and side drilling machine. The PVC door furniture production line combines CNC nesting machine, CNC wood sanding machine, and vacuum press machine. A cabinet door production line may include the computer beam saw, automatic edge banding machine and hinge drill machine. Besides, there are also other CNC machines for furniture making, such as sliding table saw, six-sided drilling machine, corner rounding machine, etc. All the furniture CNC machine can be combined according to your process needs to realize your furniture CNC projects.

Kitchen cabinet door making machine wood door making machine,Full automatic wood kitchen cabinet door making cnc router machinery .We can customize the most suitable machine for you according to the materials you process and the production process, such as changing the working size, changing the spindle, table, motor, etc.

Cabinet production linePanel furniture

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