fiber laser marking machine

Laser marking machine_Fiber laser marking machine

Laser marking machines are often referred to as laser marking machines, laser marking machines, laser marking machines, and terminal equipment. Many customers call them laser markers. In the laser manufacturing industry, practitioners are more pragmatic in description and classification, and after the customer states the regulations, the appropriate model can be strongly recommended according to the specific situation.

fiber laser marking machineLaser marking machines can be classified according to the key fundamentals of chemical substances at work or their main use at work. Jinbofang Laser combed the relevant information, and introduced in detail the types and functions of several laser cutting plotters that are currently on the market.

Laser marking machines have been perfected after decades of development. From electroplating cavity laser marking machine to picosecond laser marking machine, it confirms the development trend of the laser engraving industry chain. At this stage, the popular laser marking machines on the market are divided into optical fibers. Line laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, semiconductor material laser marking machine, navigation laser marking machine.

Features of laser marking machine

Mark a range of content with local focus

Since each condenser of the laser marking machine has a matching relative aperture range, the method of moving the focus can easily cause the edge to be at the zero boundary of the relative aperture or exceed the relative aperture when marking patterns of large size. Designed. The aperture range is large, so it is easy to cause asymmetry in the actual effect. Therefore, the defocus marking method must take into account the kinetic energy of the laser.

The output spot of the laser is blocked, that is, after the laser passes through the scanning galvanometer and the field mirror, the spot is missing and not round enough.

Improper adjustment of the laser output head, fixing fixture and scanning galvanometer, which caused part of the light spot to be blocked when the laser passed through the vibrating camera lens. It is also very likely that the actual results will vary. There is also a case where the scanning galvanometer offsets the spectacle lens and damages the lens. When the light of the laser marking machine is damaged according to the glasses lens, it cannot reflect the surface well. Therefore, the kinetic energy of the laser in the damaged area of the spectacle lens and the undamaged area of the spectacle lens is inconsistent, and the kinetic energy of the laser on the raw material is also different, which makes the actual marking effect uneven.

Thermal Lens Condition

When the laser is based on optical laser lenses (mapping, reflective surfaces), it causes the spectacle lenses to heat up and cause slight deformations. This deformation increases the focus of the laser and shortens the focal length of the lens. If the machine is fixed, adjust the distance to the focus, and after the laser is turned on for a period of time, the specific energy of the laser to the raw material will change due to the condition of the thermal lens, resulting in uneven marking results.

The level adjustment of the machine equipment is not good, that is, the lens of the laser vibrating camera or the lens of the field lens camera is not parallel to the surface of the production and processing counter.

Because the two are not level, the distance between the light of the laser marking machine and the production and processing items will be inconsistent according to the field lens, and the kinetic energy of the laser falling on the production and processing items will also be inconsistent. Mainly showing the asymmetry of the actual effect. Raw material reasons, such as inconsistent thickness of the film layer on the raw material surface or changes in physical properties, etc.

Raw materials are more sensitive to laser energy. Generally, under the same raw material, the kinetic energy of the laser can reach a certain raw material damage threshold. When the thickness of the raw material surface coating is different, or some other physical processes are not well balanced, the actual effect of laser engraving will also be uneven.

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