3 Axis 4×8 CNC Router Machine
3 Axis 4×8 CNC Routers
3 Axis 4×8 CNC Router Machine
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Cnc Router Machine 1325
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Wood 3 Axis 4*8 CNC Router Machine for Sale

Item No.: iGW-3AS

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The low cost 3 axis 4*8 CNC router CNC milling machine, with the size of 4*8 worktable, used for carving and cutting wooden furniture, gifts, handicrafts, advertising signs, etc. Because of its economy, it is very popular in individual entrepreneurs and small workshops.

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Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month
Price Range: $3855-$5680

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Who is it for?

The most popular, affordable 3 axis 4*8 CNC router, perfect for mini workshop or personal users, the welding body offers the robust construction that iGOLDENCNC products are known for, combined with a competitive set of configurations. Hot applications include:

>Woodworking industry: solid wood doors, cabinet doors, paint-free doors, craft wooden doors, 3D wave boards, screens, craft fans, game panels and cabinets, computer desks, panel furniture products and so on.
>Wooden crafts industry: clock frames, craft photo frames, calligraphic cards, electrical counter tops, thin aluminum plate engraving.

What makes it unique?

Popular with primary users or customers with limited budget, the iGW-3AS series 3 axis 4*8 CNC router is suitable for manufacturers who just joined the industrial or started the business.

>Basic entry model with low input cost;
>Wide range of applicable materials and industries;
>Configuration can be customized according to requirements;
>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;
>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

Applications of 3 axis 4*8 CNC router

Wooden Frame Carving

Wooden Crafts Craving

Wooden Furniture Processing

Solid Wood Carving

Wooden Door Processing

Wooden Crafts Embossing

Wooden Clock Processing

Thin Aluminum Carving

Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Command Language G Code
Flash Memory 128G
Max. Rapid Travel Rate 50000mm/min
Max. Working Speed 20000mm/min
Spindle Power 4.5kw air cooling
Spindle Speed 24000rpm/min
Working Voltage 380V/50Hz
Running Environment Temperature About 25℃
Relative Humidity <85%
Ps. Adjustment is available according to locally requirement
Working Area (X,Y,Z) 1300*2500*300mm
Packing Size 3200*2200*1900mm
N.W./G.W. 1200/1400kg
Working Area (X,Y,Z) 2000*3000*300mm
Packing Size 3700*2900*1900mm
N.W./G.W. 2000/2200kg
Working Area (X,Y,Z) 1500*2500*300mm
Packing Size 3200*2400*1900mm
N.W./G.W. 1500/1700kg
Working Area (X,Y,Z) 2000*4000*300mm
Packing Size 4700*2900*1900mm
N.W./G.W. 2300/2500kg
Working Area (X,Y,Z) 1500*3000*300mm
Packing Size 3700*2400*1900mm
N.W./G.W. 1700/1900kg

Features of 3 axis 4*8 CNC router

4.5kw Air-cooled Motorized Spindle

High precision spindle, long lifetime bearing, high speed, low noise, stable operation, machining without collapse, maintenance free.

>Precision ground inner hole, high-precision chuck and dynamic balance nut to improve motor concentrically and extend service life;
>Built-in fan cooling, easy to use, can be used by directly connecting to the inverted, maintenance-free;
>The fuselage is made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures smooth and rust-free after secondary treatment;
>High temperature grease lubrication, extend long service time;
>Ceramic ball bearings are used to ensure high-speed operation and accuracy of the spindle.

Welding Machine Body

Rectangular tube welding bed, honeycomb structure with reinforcing bars, welded by a rectangular pipe with a diameter of 150*150mm and a thickness of 6mm. After large-scale gantry milling, all the installation holes are accurately and thoroughly processed.
Higher tensile strength and dimensional stability. It can effectively improve the accuracy of the bed, reduce the machining error of the workpiece, and increase the resistance and stability of the guide rail.
The loss of the equipment is reduced. The accuracy of the machine is kept for a long time, and it does not change for 10 years. The stability of the equipment is good, and the machining error due to the vibration of the bed body is reduced.

The Third-generation Gantry

The gantry is machining with the thickened rectangular tube that can bear the weight of fewer than 800 kilograms and annealed.
High strength, good rigidity, lightweight, no deformation, long service life.
The damage to the motion conduction device is small, the resistance to the driving motor is small, the accuracy of the gantry is maintained for a long time, the service life is improved, and the maintenance and use cost are reduced.

Vacuum with T-slot Table

Water-cooled high-power vacuum pump , 6 vacuum zones with independent control , uniform adsorption force on the table, can remove flammable and explosive gases, dusty gases, condensable gases and soda-water mixture.

>Can be sucked and clamped dual-use table, small board does not run;
>Reduced 70% clamping time, saving 90% working time;
>Holding small and soft materials without any vibration;
>Compared with magnetic splint, it can also clamp non-magnetic materials.

High-precision Transmission System

The repositioning accuracy of the CNC router is 0.02mm, the maximum running speed is 50,000mm/min, and the CNC router service life up to 10 years.

Taiwan HIWIN Guide Rails and Rack

Japan YASKAWA Servo Driver

Japan SHIMPO Reducer

Upgraded Intelligent Control System

Taiwan LNC System.

>Strong compatibility compatible with many CAD / CAM softwares such as Type3 / Artcam / Castmate / Proe / UG / Carved Wentai.
>Advanced file pre-processing function helps users to correct errors in processing files in time.
>Advanced three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm, the polyline is stable, ensuring the speed and accuracy of the curve.
>It has the function of breakpoint and breakpoint engraving, and the function of automatic error correction when returning to the origin, which effectively guarantees the processing accuracy when working for a long time.
>The system is easy to operate, responds quickly, and quickly removes obstacles, which is conducive to learning.

High-precision Automatic Tool Sensor

High precision automatic tool sensor, 1um repeatability, suitable for 95% of the operating system in the market, easy to install, super hard alloy for the blade surface, stable and durable, IP67 class deep waterproof.
Compared with manual tool setting, the machining accuracy and work efficiency are improved. The operation time is saved by 70%, the machining accuracy is increased by 30%, and the defective rate of products is reduced.

France Schneider Electric Components

Advanced anti-interference ability, stable signal, suitable for different working environment, high safety.
Stable operation for 10 years, ensure engraving machine circuit safety, safety performance improved 50%.

Automatic Lubrication System

Guaranteed machine’s lubrication all the time , ensure the smooth operation of CNC router, with abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm. It will extend the service life of transmission system and whole machine, and reduce maintenance time, increase your profits.

Options of 3 axis 4*8 CNC router

HSD Spindle Optioned

6kw HSD air-cooling spindle is mainly used for grooving, cutting and milling depth hole;
4.5kw HSD air-cooling spindle is mainly used for perforated and carving;
3.2kw HSD water-cooling spindle is mainly used for relief carving;
5.5kw HSD water-cooled spindle mainly engraving hard material.

Worktable Optioned

Aluminium profile worktable: three axis router machine standard table, manual clamping plate, the most economical;
Vacuum adsorption worktable: equipped with 7.5kW vacuum pump adsorption, effectively improve machining accuracy and efficiency;
Both vacuum adsorption and T-slot worktable: the cost is higher, but the big board, the small board, the thin plate, the thick plate can realize the effective fixed and the high precision processing.

Control System Optioned

Taiwan LNC system is the standard system.

Taiwan SYNTEC system, Germany SIEMENS system can be optioned.

Operation System Optioned

NC-STUDIO system is standard system.

DSP system, Mash3 system can be optioned.

Table Rotary Lathe Device

Improve the engraving quality and efficiency of the cylinder and reduce the difficulty of operation.

> It is not necessary to expand the surface to calculate the rotary engraving path;
> Completing the tool path calculation at one time without rotating the workpiece repeatedly;
> Reduce the finishing allowance; the tool path can be roughed in layers;
> Realize local rotation processing; can set angle range and length range;
> There is no positioning mark, and the rotary engraving processing adopts the whole shaft mode, and the engraving machine generates an automatically closed rotary engraving processing path.

The cheap 3 axis CNC machine is highly cost effective, especially suitable for New man of CNC router. good price and easy operation.

Wood, leather, MDF, stone, plastic, acrylic, foam, glass, aluminium, thin-copper, and most kinds of non-metal materials.

About 300sets per month.
Yeah, we can shipping on time.

When you received this machine, connect power can work for you.

This machine can do all wooden works, for example, wooden doors
By the way, this machine also can work on acrylic, PVC, etc.

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