Wood Drilling Machine-six-sided drilling center

The use of six-sided drill production line improves the efficiency of plate use

The complete set of equipment for the six-sided drilling production line includes three equipment, CNC cutting machine, automatic edge banding machine, and CNC side hole machine. The three processes of hole, slotting and material cutting save a lot of auxiliary time. It can process plates of various shapes such as arcs, which is difficult for traditional woodworking machinery. Numerical control equipment has high precision, fast speed and good processing effect.

The six-sided drilling production line has a fast machine processing speed. After the plate is fixed, the machine automatically cuts according to the input plate size, without extra manual operation, which is effective and maximum processing efficiency; automatic typesetting software is optional, only the plate size is input, and the software typesets it After optimization, the efficiency of board usage can reach more than 90%, which can maximize the efficiency of board usage and reduce the cost of raw materials.

Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine

The previous cutting equipment such as sliding table saws requires two people to operate. Workers need to continuously rotate the plate. The work intensity is high. The plate cutting has no edge chipping phenomenon and accurate size, which provides an effective guarantee for later installation.

1 The material is loaded by a forklift, and the data is provided to the machining center for cutting large plates (i.e., the cutting center for automatic loading and unloading) through automatic labeling and docking data.

2 Manually sent to the intelligent connection for loading, each time a single plate is loaded to complete the automatic edge sealing and drilling process.

3 After finishing the edge banding process, it is transported to the intelligent drilling area, and it is automatically drilled and grooved.

The edge banding and drilling intelligent connection system is a kind of intelligent and automatic production processing and conveying equipment designed to follow up the needs of furniture production. Automatic labeling CNC cutting machine, main body of the edge banding machine, through-type six-sided drill, power conveying roller table, edge banding machine belt connection, translation belt conveyor, horizontal movement force roller table, multi-layer intelligent buffer storage, PLC control system, etc. composition.

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