Automatic Cabinet Door Making Machine For Sale

Our automatic loading and unloading processing center, automatic sanding machine, automatic vacuum laminating machine, and customized cabinet door flexible processing production line combined with automation software can truly tailor a package solution for the production of panel cabinets and wardrobes for you, which will be customized Cabinet doors are incorporated into large-scale production. Our technology can help you quickly transform your ideas and designs into products in a simpler way, with lower investment and less time, improve your industrial automation, completely get rid of the dependence on skilled workers, and maximize the improvement possible. Management efficiency and production efficiency.

Automatic loading and unloading machining center

Cabinet Door Making Machine Features:

  1. Automatic feeding: the forklift will place a dozen plates at the feeding area, and there is an auto-sensing photoelectric switch in the feeding area. Whenever the equipment automatically grabs a piece of plate, the feeding area will automatically rise to the same height of the equipment. Convenient to grab material next time.
  2. Automatic vertical hole drilling: After the suction cup automatically grabs the material, the positioning device adjusts the plate to the best state, the system reads the processing code generated by the software, and the row drill automatically executes the vertical hole drilling.
  3. Automatic cutting (cutting special shapes) after punching is completed, cutting (including cutting special shapes) is carried out. After the plate is cut, the pushing device is lowered to the table.
  4. Automatic blanking: Push the cut plate to the blanking area, and at the same time the suction cup grabs a new plate to the processing area, and the blanking is loaded at the same time, and the process is uninterrupted.
  5. The machine saves labor and is suitable for mass engineering customized program processing.

Main machine configuration:

  1. The tool change spindle imported from Italy has strong cutting force and fast processing speed.
  2. 9 vertical L-shaped arrangement CNC drills imported from Italy, with fast drilling speed and high precision.
  3. Special tool magazine for 12 hat-type automatic tool changers using Taiwanese technology.
  4. Japanese servo system and planetary reducer
  5. Imported parts such as French Schneider electrical components.
  6. Taiwan’s new generation control system, machine control interface design is humanized, fool-like operation, operators can be on duty after simple training, no need for professional technical workers,

The machine moves quickly and with high efficiency, which can help you double your production capacity.

  1. The table top is a vacuum adsorption table, which can strongly absorb materials of different areas. Automatic feeding, optimized opening, vertical hole drilling

Automatic feeding is done in one go, and the process is uninterrupted, realizing the maximum efficiency and output.

Automatic CNC Wood Brush Sanding Machine

Automatic sanding machine

The curved surface profile sander is a new type of practical and efficient wood product surface processing equipment. The machine adopts high-end top-notch imported intelligent configuration, which completely improves the accuracy of polishing the plate, and is particularly prominent for the polishing accuracy of the primer, which is well received by domestic high-end customers.

The products developed by the company are suitable for all kinds of solid wood, density board, veneer board and other materials such as linear type (such as door line, door frame, corner line, phase frame, shutters, etc.), L-shaped wood line and wooden board rules Surface, special-shaped surface, plane and special-shaped curved surface,

Coarse, fine sanding, sanding and polishing of the curved surfaces of the wooden doors with primer and cabinet doors.

Vacuum Membrane Press Machine

Automatic vacuum laminating machine

Vacuum curved surface blister machine is referred to as vacuum blister machine, also known as PVC vacuum laminating machine. Using the principle of vacuum negative pressure, under certain technological conditions, the PVC film is pasted on various special-shaped workpieces. The vacuum blister machine can be pasted with PVC film, heat transfer, Boeing film, and silica gel board.

It can be pasted with solid wood leather, painted paper and other materials, and can also be used for the production of polymer doors. It truly realizes one machine with multiple functions, especially ideal production equipment for paint-free doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, solid wood composite doors, etc. It is widely used in furniture and home decoration industries. Vacuum suction

The molding machine has a high degree of automation and easy operation. The working table is specially treated, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. It adopts advanced vacuum technology, dual energy storage tanks, dual air passages, and high vacuum. Adopt far-infrared radiation heating system, plus auxiliary heating system, heating evenly, high efficiency and energy saving.

One machine has multiple functions and high compatibility.

Workbench size: 2550×1150×50mm

Dimensions: 9000×1800×1800mm

Ultimate vacuum: -0.1Mpa

Total power: 20KW

Actual power consumption: 5KW vacuum laminating machine is suitable

Used for different thicknesses of PVC, leather, and process equipment to absorb veneer. Vacuum pressure operation, automatic control, simple operation

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