ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

Automatic Cabinet Making CNC Machine for Woodworking

What is the Automatic Cabinet Making CNC Machine?

This Automatic Cabinet Making CNC Machine is a high-speed, automatic load/unload, heavy-duty CNC routing system for nested based feed through machining. This CNC machine is used majorly in the production of cabinets, closets, and custom furniture.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

Feature of the Cabinet Making CNC Machine

Double workbench, equipped with 9KW Italy air cooling spindle. More than 80 pcs board be done per day.

Drill bank fits series drilling size to accomplish different holes.

The software is with layout optimization.

With auto loading and unloading system, could semi- automatically load the sheet to the working table and push the processing table plate after it is finished, which is convenient for the operator to take the material, and saves time, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

Summary of the Automatic Cabinet CNC Machine

The CNC router for cabinet making relates to a four process double station double pusher material opening machine. The feeding machine consists of a working bench, which is equipped with a two working table along the length direction of the platform support at the top of the workbench support, and there is a Y moving mechanism above the bench bracket. The two transverse symmetrical Y to the rack in the Y moving mechanism is fixed on both sides of the platform bracket, and the transverse beam in the moving mechanism at the Y. The top is fixed with a X direction rack with a transverse setting of X to the moving mechanism, and a Z direction moving mechanism on the left side of the moving mechanism along the direction of the feeding, and the Z to the driving motor in the Z moving mechanism is fixed vertically on the X slide plate in the X to the moving mechanism, and the Z direction slide plate in the Z moving mechanism is equipped with a processing device. The opening machine can make maximum use of the working time of the opening machine, high processing efficiency, convenient feeding and unloading, and can avoid the droop of the drag chain. The cabinet making CNC router is suitable for kitchen cabinet making, cabinet door making, corner cabinet making, decorative cabinet making, home cabinet making, wall cabinet making, wood cabinet making, base cabinet making and other custom cabinet making in bathroom, garage, living room, and office.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

Cabinets Making CNC Router Applications

Woodworking Industry:Cabinet making CNC router is ideally suitable for furniture decorations, musical instruments, wooden crafts, solid wood furniture, MDF door, wood composite door, cabinet making, kitchen cabinet doors, windows, tables, etc.

Decoration Industry:Art model, wall art, screen relief engraving and cutting, decoration processing, gifts wrapping, waved plate, electrical cabinets panels, sports equipment, and other industrial wood works.

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