Best 3 Axis CNC Router Suppliers In China

In order to make the woodware more beautiful and valuable, 3 axis cnc router has attracted the attention of the majority of processing manufacturers. The reason why the quality-assured woodworking CNC router is popular in the market is not only because of its own characteristics of long life and high precision, but also because of its wide range of uses.

3 Axis Cnc Router Suppliers


The following aspects are the key points for a high quality wood CNC machine:

1. The intensity
The main factors affecting the intensity is the spindle motor power, general power is 3KW or more will be perfect, the CNC tool can be clamped to 12.7mm.The parts configuration also affects the intensity of the wood CNC machine.

2. Working speed
Taking into account the life of the machine, we need to pay attention to the processing efficiency. In the efforts to achieve the premise, it can be more quickly.

3. Accuracy
Regardless of engraving and cutting must work long hours to achieve a good position, and engraving sleek straight.

4. Full-featured function
Vacuum: the traditional CNC router machine should use to fix the plate, inevitably resulting sheet can not be fully utilized, or utilized operating troubles. IGOLDENCNC vacuum suction machine to engrave the plates fixed to the table top work area is divided into six panels of different sizes can be processed.

To learn 3 axis cnc router , we must first learn basic theoretical knowledge. Some people think it is not important. In fact, the principle of CNC routers is closely related to our use of woodworking CNC routers. Only by mastering the basic knowledge of wood carving router machine can we use woodworking better. CNC router

3 Axis Cnc Router SuppliersBest 3 axis cnc router suppliers In China
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