4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

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As one of the key industrial cities, Jinan, Shandong has strong production capacity in all walks of life. Panel furniture cutting machine is one of many industrial industries, and there are more and more manufacturers producing this kind of equipment, so everyone knows that there are large panel furniture cutting machine manufacturers?

4 Processes CNC Cutting MachineAs an experienced manufacturer in the cutting machine industry, Jiabang CNC has an elite R&D team of more than 100 people, advanced assembly technology, 160 strict testing procedures, rigorous and perfect service processes and a professional after-sales service team of nearly 100 people. It enjoys a high reputation in the market.

Jiabang CNC production technology has been improving. A new set of equipment was recently introduced, one for two units. This equipment belongs to the intelligent cutting workstation, and the cutting function is more powerful.

One-to-two cutting unit is a set of CNC cutting solutions with a high degree of automation. Manually, you only need to put the plate on the elevator, the labeling machine will automatically label, and then the central control system will automatically assign it to the cutting center to complete the plate cutting work. If the robot system is selected, the robot can complete tasks such as palletizing, utilization of residual material and waste output.

4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

The advantages of the four-process cutting machine:

The central control system has the function of optimizing the cutting schedule, saving time and reducing sheet waste. At the same time, it has the function of on-site repair. It is no longer necessary to do file import data for one board. The processing capacity reaches about 240 in 8 hours.

The operation is simple, just copy the processing program to the central control system to start processing without operating each device.

The same order can be quickly advanced, and the central control system automatically assigns the plates to the processing stations, effectively promoting the sequential processing of the same batch of plates with the same color and the same color.

Multi-shift production is possible, reducing labor constraints and standby time.

Effectively reduce human production errors and sheet damage.

It is easier to monitor the order processing process.

As a relatively large panel furniture cutting machine manufacturer in Jinan, Shandong, Jiabang CNC is an important equipment in the market, both in terms of manufacturer strength and technical research and development capabilities.

The cutting machine is fast, high-precision, efficient and stable. Hardware holes of different diameters can be processed. Processing all kinds of furniture, such as panel furniture, office furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, etc. The most advanced multi-function dual-spindle CNC milling machine designed by Jiabang CNC, suitable for wooden cabinet production, dual-spindle simultaneous operation, with a complete set of competitive configurations.

Features of cutting machine equipment:

Optimized cutting, punching, grooving, perfect combination, alternate processing of double table, maximize efficiency and output;

Equipped with 5+4 nine-hole vertical drilling package, which is more suitable for drilling board furniture, more convenient and quick;

Adopt 200*250 thick-walled square tube bracket structure, beautiful appearance design structure;

Advanced numerical control system, stable performance and simple operation;

Adopt double-layer vacuum adsorption table, which can adsorb plates of different sizes;

Adopt four-direction six-moving plate automatic positioning system, the plate positioning is more accurate;

Equipped with auxiliary feeding and dust removal device;

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