CNC cutting machines

How much is the price of CNC cutter machine?

When customers understand and inspect CNC cutter machine equipment, they usually ask about the price. However, the quotations of different manufacturers vary greatly, which surprises customers. What is the reason for the price fluctuation?

CNC cutting machinesMotor.

CNC cutting machines generally use stepper motors. The quality of the CNC cutting machine of this kind of motor is average. If you want a better CNC cutting machine, you can choose a domestic servo motor. If you want a better CNC cutting machine, you can choose imported servo motors. Servo motors run much faster than regular motors, so the better the motor, the more expensive the cutting machine will be.

Bed frame.

The bed affects the stability and machining accuracy of the machine. If the machining accuracy is not enough, no matter how good the machine is, there will always be defects.

Adsorb the countertop.

There is a difference between a double layer and a normal layer. The double-layer adsorption effect is better, and it is a little more expensive than the ordinary layer.

CNC cutting machines

Vacuum pump.

Vacuum pumps are divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. Air cooling is expensive and noisy, but it is simple and convenient. The water cooling effect is good, the noise is low, and the price is low.

With the vigorous development of the panel furniture market in recent years, the use of CNC cutting machines is increasing. So how to judge the price of CNC cutting machine, we can judge the price of CNC cutting machine from the following three points.

  1. Judging the price of the CNC cutting machine depends on the number of tools in the equipment. Friends who are familiar with the equipment know that for the cutting machine, each knife means that the equipment has a process that can complete the processing independently. For example, three knives are equivalent to three different sample treatments, and four knives are equivalent to four different sample treatments.
  2. Judging the price of the CNC cutting machine depends on the operating system used by the equipment. Better systems on the market, such as new generation systems and Weihong genuine systems, can be used. For manufacturers with higher processing requirements, a new generation system can be selected, but the price will be slightly more expensive than the commonly used system. For general processing, systems commonly used in the market can be used, and the price is acceptable.
  3. Judging how much a CNC cutting machine costs depends on the quality of the reducer equipment used in the equipment. The reducer is used to control the speed of the equipment and is critical to the service life of the equipment. The device continues to process a different stop process. If the quality of the reducer is not good, it will have a fatal impact on the service life of the equipment. Reducer, it is recommended to use imported, the price can be a little more expensive, but the quality can be guaranteed.

CNC Router Nesting Machine

How much is the price of CNC cutting machine?

Jiabang CNC recommends that you visit the manufacturer in detail. Buying a CNC cutting machine should not be limited by price. The cutting machine is processed every day. If there is a problem with the machine, it will not only affect the construction period, but also damage the board, which may seriously affect the customer’s loss. Therefore, long-term stability, precision, assembly of large and small parts and machine details are very important.

Four-process CNC woodworking cutting machine

The four-process CNC woodworking cutting machine is a very cost-effective equipment. It is equipped with four processing spindles, which can continuously complete the processing of the four processes, including cutting, carving, drilling vertical holes, grooving and other processes. It is widely used for cutting and blanking of cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, panel furniture, etc., slotting and arranging holes, and also suitable for carving of various handicrafts, such as relief, hollowing, etc.

The dual-station four-process CNC cutting machine is also a kind of CNC cutting machine, which is an extension of the CNC cutting machine. The double-station four-process CNC cutting machine has two processing platforms. When the material is opened on the A platform, the loading preparation can be carried out on the B platform. After the A platform is opened, the gantry will quickly switch to the B platform for processing. At this time, customers can unload, clean, and load on platform A. On the contrary, platform B will quickly switch to platform A after processing.

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