Steps To Build a Cabinet With Furniture Machine

How to build a high quality and efficient cabinet has always been chasing things in cabinet manufacturers. Today’s market requires cabinet manufacturers to use automation furniture machine and technology to achieve a competitive advantage. And meet the requirements of the custom cabinet require customers.

The emergence of CNC machine provides more than manual machines to build a cabinet tool, support, and resources. It makes the cabinet more efficient.

cabinet making cabinet making cabinet making

Recommended furniture machine to build a cabinet

Building a cabinet using a CNC machine can effectively control the cost and improve processing efficiency. So I recommend using a CNC furniture machine to make a cabinet. This production line, has a simple operation but a variety of functions, and is committed to the production of the production cabinet. It consists of three machining devices, namely nested units, edges, and drilling units.

The furniture machine is suitable for processing cabinets such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, cabinets, shelves, and other cabinets.

The nested unit mainly includes 4 processes nested number of control machines. It can complete cut, slot, and drilling processes in the course to build cabinets.

The edge banding unit includes an automatic edge strap and a folded edge strap. The apparatus is used to strip straight and curved edges in the process to build a cabinet.

The drilling device mainly includes a CNC side drill for drilling a hole.

The following video shows the working of the furniture machine to build a cabinet.

Step 1 Construction a cabinet: design

The first step in building a cabinet is to convert the cabinet plan into a file. Your cabinet plan includes a cabinet’s style and detailed size. Good cabinet design not only makes full use of space, but also decorates the room.

This step is implemented by the CNC router software or nesting software. You can use CAD software to make drawings and import this graphic into CAM software. Then, the CAM software generates a G code that the furniture machine can understand. After receiving the G code after the controller of the furniture machine, it will activate the motor to drive the nested number of-controlled routers to work along a predetermined path.

In addition, you may also need to choose the material you want to build the cabinet—for example, MDF, particleboard, plywood, melamine, and other wood. The recent trend is to adopt solid surface, regenerate and more environmentally friendly materials.

Step 2 Build a cabinet: cut, groove and drill holes

After design the cabinet style, you can enter the next step to build a cabinet: cut, groove and drill holes.

Cutting brackets are used to cut the entire large plate into small pieces. The most common circuit board includes a flakeboard, a density plate or plywood. The size of such a large board for building a cabinet is usually 2440 * 1220 mm or 2800 * 1300mm.

Some panels need to pass the slotting process. Panels typically require this process including bottom plates and side panels. Because almost all current manufacturing processes build cabinets, the rear panels are clamped with side panels and bottom plates. Therefore, the side and the bottom plate need to be grooves in the respective position. This allows the rear panel into the side plate and is fixed to the bottom plate.

Furniture machine is used in this step

This step built the furniture machine involved in the furniture machine is a nesting unit. The machine used here is 4 process nesting furniture machine.

4 process CNC machine


Four process nesting CNC router made of cabinets

This CNC machine have four spindles. Each spindle can carry a CNC router bit, so the nesting CNC router can implement four processing processes. Since the host does not require a complex pattern, the four spindles can basically meet all cuts, grooves, and drilling requirements. Although only one spindle can work at a time, the CNC router can change to the spindle of the anthers in 1 second without being closed. These four spindles can complete each process quickly and orderly.


It has high automation levels, nesting CNC machines are easy to learn and operate. The failure rate of this CNC router is low. The failure of a spindle does not affect the use of other spindles. This CNC machine is ideal for DIY cabinets or build your own cabinet.

Specific steps to build a cabinet using a nesting CNC router

# 1: Loading the board. Load the selected board to this CNC router worktable. It has a four-row drum to facilitate loading. The vacuum table can secure the plate to avoid any movement.

# 2: Start the machine. If you have completed the cabinet design and set the tool path, you need to watch the working conditions. The CNC router machine will automatically cut, groove, and drilling process.

# 3: Label and uninstall the board. Rapting the barcode on the corresponding panel. You can then unload the panel from the machine to carry out the subsequent edge strip process.

Construct a cabinet in this step. If cutting, slotting, or drilling accuracy is poor, it may be impossible to assemble the cabinet. Using the four head CNC machines can ensure the accuracy of the cabinet and the consistency of the machining process, avoiding big mistakes. In addition, four processes are relatively low compared to other ATC CNC router or CNC machining center. This is a great choice for small and medium panel furniture factories.

Step 3 Construction Cabinet: edge band

The following steps to establish your own cabinet are related edges. In addition to the backplane, all other panels need to be marked. So this step is an important process of cabinet production.

The quality of the edge banding directly affects the quality, price and level of the cabinet. The edge banding can improve the appearance of the cabinet. In addition, the strip edge can effectively avoid damage to the corner during transportation and use, and peel off the facade. At the same time, it can play a role in waterproof, reducing the release and deformation of harmful gases.

Furniture machine used in this step

This step of building a cabinet involves an edge banding machine. Edge banding machine that is an automatic edge strip and a foldable arm. The former is suitable for automatic belt straight edges. The latter is used to bend the edges in a semi-automatic manner.

edge banding machine


Automatic edge banding machine for cabinet making

The automatic edge banding machine has a variety of functions. For example, pre-grinding, gluing, edge bandage, end cut, fine and rough trim, scratching, etc. can be used in straight edges of plywood, MDF, particleboard or other panel.



In addition to the straight side, there may be a curved edge, and your custom cabinet is also required. This requires folding arms curved edge straps.

edge banding machine


Curved edge banding machine with cabinet production

It is a semi-automatic CNC machine that requires your manual operation to frequency with irregular edges. The edge banding machine is small and easy to operate. Folding arms can be adjusted to bind to the irregular edges of different sizes.



The strip material can have PVC, melamine, and wooden veneer, and the like. Your two machines can quickly complete all rules and irregular edges of the DIY cabinet.

Specific steps of building a cabinet using an edge banding machine

# 1: Select the edge band with appropriate thickness and color based on your production needs. The edge band is then placed on the rotating table at the starting position. Pull the end of the edge band into the glue and pressing device.

# 2: Set the parameters through the touch screen control panel. For example, the panel thickness, with thickness, speed, and the like.

# 3: Place the panel on the conveyor close to the glue and strip equipment. The panel will automatically advance to follow-up treatment.

# 4: Take the panel at the end of the edge strap.

# 5: Repeat the above steps # 3 and # 4, and require all edges of the beam with the band.

edge banding

For the edge of the curve, you need to manually operate the panel to complete this process:

# 1: Select the edge band with appropriate thickness and color. Let it get tied.

# 2: Place the penalty on the workbench, adjust the folding arm, and step on the step switch.

# 3: Keep the edge of the panel close to the pressure roller and edge strip. At the same time, the panel is moved to the left side. Make sure the edge strip is firmly sticky to the curved edge.

# 4: Repeat the above steps # 2 and # 3 in frequency bands all curved edges.

edge banding edge banding

Since this unit does not automatically trim and scratching, the panel may require subsequent manual trim and polishing.

Step 4 Build a cabinet: drill side holes

The purpose of this step of building a cabinet is to drill side holes of the panel for assembly purposes. This is an important step in the construction of the cabinet and has high precision in the drilling position. Any errors in the borehole can result in an impossibility of assembled cabinets.

You can use the electric drill to manually drill. But it is slow, and the accuracy is poor. However, the CNC wood drilling machine can completely solve this problem.

side hole machine


CNC side drilling machine for panel furniture

The furniture machine used in this step is a CNC side drilling machine. It is dedicated to the drilling side holes on the panel manufactured by custom cabinets. The wood drilling machine can complete a variety of drilling work on the side of the panel. For example, wooden needle holes, blind holes, through holes, fixing grooves, etc. Wood drilling machines can also be equipped with two or three drills that improve drilling efficiency.


Use a side drill machine to build a specific step in the cabinet

The side hole drilling machine is easy to operate, and the side hole drilling process can be activated by the scan bar code. In addition, it is not necessary to repeat the tongue scale, which greatly increases drilling efficiency.

The specific steps of the drilling side well include:

# 1: Open the power of the wood drill.

# 2: Place the panel in the appropriate location on the worktable. Adjust the position of the fixture to fix the panel.

# 3: Use the scanning gun to scan the barcode marked on the panel. The side rig starts drilling after receiving the drilling requirements.

# 4: Release the fixture and remove the panel.

drill hole drill hole

You can place a few panels on the worktable while drilling. This saves a lot of time. The side drill has cost effectiveness and is a DIY cabinet or a nice choice for building your own cabinet.

Step 5 to build a cabinet: assembly

This is the final step of building a cabinet. The cabinet is assembled in a connector. These are the most commonly used connectors in panels or custom cabinets. Three parts in a connector consist of three parts, ie eccentric wheels, bolts and nuts.

Three of the three connectors have many advantages. For example, three assembled furniture in three connections can be assembled and assembled and disassembled multiple times. Using this connector will definitely reduce the use of the binder, which is more environmentally friendly.

In order to assemble the cabinet, you need to insert the rear panel into the groove of the side panel and secure it on the groove of the bottom plate. Then, you need to install three in a connector continuously.

So far, you have completed all the steps to build the cabinet. You now give simple but practical cabinets. If you want to build a cabinet with more partitions or more, you need to make more detailed or creative design in the first step.

In conclusion

Build cabinet usually need these four machines. The operation is simple. But it can meet most of the cabinet processing requirements. Due to different cabinet doors, the processing of the cabinet main body is simpler.

Igoldencnc has helped thousands of cabinet manufacturers and carpenters to traditional saws and manual tools to automatic furniture machine. Cabinet manufacturers have successfully taken out the huge advantages of number of control manufacturing. Use the automatic production line to build a cabinet to improve production efficiency significantly, save labor and time, reduce material waste.

Cabinet manufacturing plants can use these furniture machine to build cabinets. It can not only improve efficiency and output, but also improve competitiveness. If your budget is tight, you can purchase a CNC machine in this furniture machine. This can also improve your cabinet to improve efficiency.

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