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Woodworking engraving machine_1325 woodworking craving machine

In the daily work of the woodworking engraving machine, it is inevitable that some problems will occur, some are the configuration problems of the machine itself, and some are the misoperation problems of the operators. Here are four common problems to solve for your reference.

3 Axis CNC Router for saleWhen the woodworking engraving machine sets the origin, it sometimes moves forward or to the right, and the moving distance is uncertain.


Limit switch failure. When the system returns to the system origin, the limit switch closes and pops open. Replace limit switch.

The drivetrain is loose. Try tightening it.

3 Axis CNC Router for sale

There is abnormal noise when the woodworking engraving machine starts and resets, or the limit switch is often disconnected.


If you can’t push the limit switch, straighten it.

The drive line is in poor contact and can be fixed.

Limit switch wiring is incorrectly connected. Connect the wires.

If the limit switch is damaged, replace it.

The woodworking engraving machine cannot engrave at the origin.


Whether the layout size of the document matches the computer.

Check if the offset is set and the layout is set correctly.

During the working process of the woodworking engraving machine, the spindle motor suddenly stops or decelerates.


If the operating voltage is unstable or overloaded, add a voltage regulator.

Check that the neutral wire is connected correctly and that the wire ends are not broken.

Today, with the development of science and technology, woodworking engraving machines have been widely used in production workshops. To a certain extent, it helps to improve work efficiency and save manpower. At the same time, problems will inevitably arise. Simple adjustments can be made based on the above. If it still doesn’t work, you need to have it checked by a professional repairman.

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Woodworking engraving machine size table:

Model iGW-3AS-1325

Working area (X, Y, Z) 1300*2500*200mm

Packing size 3200*2200*1900mm

Net weight/gross weight 1200/1400kg

Model iGW-3AS-1525

Working area (X, Y, Z) 1500*2500*200mm

Packing size 3200*2400*1900mm

Net weight/gross weight 1500/1700kg

Model iGW-3AS-1530

Working area (X, Y, Z) 1500*3000*200mm

Packing size 3700*240*1900mm

Net weight/gross weight 1700/1900kg

Model iGW-3AS-2030

Working area (X, Y, Z) 2000*3000*200mm

Packing size 3700*2900*1900mm

Net weight/gross weight 2000/2200kg

Model iGW-3AS-2040

Working area (X,Y,Z) 20004000*200mm

Packing size 4700*2900*1900mm

Net weight/gross weight 2300/2500kg

Features of woodworking engraving machine:

(1) Linear square guide rails and double-row and four-row ball sliders can be selected, which have large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and durability. The ball screw has high precision and the lower knife is accurate.

(2) The selection of the main shaft is a high-speed water-cooled motor with Japanese NSK bearings. 6KW air-cooled spindle 4.5KW spindle with high power and stable performance.

(3) The handle-type control system adopts the intelligent budget rule to give full play to the potential of the motor, realize high-speed processing, synchronize the curves and lines, and make the curves more beautiful.

(4) Good software compatibility, compatible with various CAD/CAM design and production software such as type3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai.

(5) High-speed drive stepper motor and driver are adopted, and the Y-axis is driven by double motors, so that the high-speed operation can reach the idle speed of more than 25 m/min. With the high-power cutting spindle, the engraving speed can be faster.

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