CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine_Advantages of woodworking cutting machine

The dust-covered processing workshop of the traditional panel furniture production environment, the tedious manual labor, and the high-speed rotating push table saw blade are like a silvery tiger’s mouth. As a result, it is difficult for production enterprises to recruit workers and the production cost is gradually rising.

Customized panel furniture has swept the wind and cloud, almost turned the entire furniture manufacturing industry upside down, and became the current fashionable furniture manufacturing industry. The emergence of CNC cutting machine, the intelligent processing of CNC cutting machine, not only realizes “machine for people”, but also intelligent design, making panel furniture more in line with people’s taste of home furnishing. The original boring and cumbersome processing process has evolved into an extraordinary taste just like the artist makes exquisite home decoration.

CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine

Features of CNC cutting machine:

  1. The cutting machine is equipped with special typesetting and blanking software, which realizes functions such as automatic typesetting + sheet blanking + special-shaped cutting + vertical punching, etc., which can completely replace large saws, save sawing workers, and save costs.
  2. The software automatically generates slot positions and hole positions without manual calculation. The machine automatically completes the material cutting, slotting and punching vertical holes, because it is a size of 0.02mm, the rectangular board is a real 90 degrees, the holes are easy to arrange, and the assembly effect is Well, the hole row workers can set rulers and punch holes.
  3. It is suitable for the processing of diversified composite products, such as the wooden door industry, the cabinet industry, the mass production of panel furniture, and the production of diversified component products (such as cabinets).

CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine

The advantages of CNC cutting machine:

  1. Save labor costs. The traditional push table saw requires two people to operate, and the work intensity is high. The cutting machine can easily operate multiple machines by one person, reducing the number of workers; the machine can realize humanized, intelligent, and fool-like operation, and ordinary workers can be skilled after training. Operate the machine, reduce the labor force of the factory for skilled workers, facilitate the management of workers, and reduce the cost of wages.
  2. The utilization rate of the plate is high, saving the cost of raw materials. Automatic intelligent optimization typesetting software, no need for manual calculation, only input plate size, computer automatically optimize calculation typesetting, and generate machine processing code, short time, high optimization rate, zero error rate, greatly improve the utilization rate of the plate, save material costs.
  3. The processing speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The machining speed is fast, one machine can easily cut 60-80 sheets a day (8 hours), the labor intensity is low, and the cutting, drilling and milling can be done in one go, reducing redundant processes and improving processing efficiency.
  4. improve the factory production environment. The professional vacuuming device has good vacuuming effect, completely changing the phenomenon of “dust flying all over the sky” of the traditional push table saw, and giving workers a good and healthy working environment.

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