CNC Router Nesting Machine

CNC Machining Centers Disc Type Tool Changer & Row Drilling

At present, ordinary CNC cutting machine equipment cannot produce new non-porous invisible parts. With the development of the industry, the technology is constantly improving and updating. The non-porous process cutting machine is fully upgraded, the small plate does not run, and the cutting does not drop ash.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang DrillingThe CNC cutting machine adopts the auxiliary loading table behind the vacuum adsorption table, which can quickly drill holes, slot and cut materials. The CNC cutting machine parts are easy to install and have good stability. After being installed on the cabinet, it has good stability, excellent bearing capacity, invisible 360 degrees, and no holes on the surface. Five positioning cylinders, integrated blanking, drilling, cutting, chamfering, engraving, etc. Simple operation, suitable for customized production. From the appearance point of view, the CNC cutting machine is not much different from the ordinary cutting machine, and a non-porous saw blade spindle is added to the spindle. Moreover, the CNC cutting machine is not only used as an invisible part, but also can realize the traditional three-in-one process including door panel carving.

CNC Router Nesting Machine

The difference between CNC cutting machine and ordinary cutting machine lies in the processing of hidden parts. Using non-porous technology to hide link parts to process furniture, it has beautiful appearance, good stability and easy installation. At present, more and more hidden parts are used for non-hole machining, and the later cost will be cheaper and cheaper.

The non-porous process is simple in positioning. As long as the edge of the plate is used as the benchmark, it can be slotted or drawn in advance for positioning, which is convenient for storage, easy to install, reliable in installation, and can withstand large gravity.

Disc type tool change machining center plus row drill

The CNC cutting machine adopts a strip-shaped vacuum adsorption table, which can absorb plates of different volumes; it adopts a steel mobile gantry, which has high precision, heavy bearing capacity and convenient operation.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

However, some furniture factories believe that ordinary CNC cutting machine equipment cannot produce new non-porous invisible parts, and the cost of replacing the machine is too high. Some new furniture factories will not buy these new CNC cutting equipment and side hole machines at such a high cost, so it is widely criticized now. With the development of the industry, the cutting machine is constantly improving and updating. According to your actual situation, choose to buy the product that suits you.

Jiabang CNC provides you with customized solutions for sheet metal production lines, customizes the automation equipment you want, and solves the production bottlenecks you are worried about. The production cost is doubled, the production efficiency is doubled, and the manual operation is greatly reduced. From design to production, from store to factory, from front to back, it can meet the needs of most large-scale panel furniture, cabinets, wardrobe companies.

Recommended equipment: disc type tool changer plus row drilling machining center

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

The automatic tool change machining center is equipped with a drill package, equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, a 9-hole drill package, and operates independently. Usually used in conjunction with labeling machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms. Fast, high precision, efficient and stable. It is suitable for the processing of various cabinet doors and wooden doors.

Features of disc type tool changer and drill row machining center:

Optimized cutting, punching, grooving, and perfect combination, the process is uninterrupted, to maximize the efficiency and output, and the strong compatibility can be seamlessly connected with a variety of order dismantling software;

Adopting modular design, you can choose three modular units: single spindle + CNC drilling package, dual spindle + CNC drilling package, automatic tool change spindle of disc tool magazine + CNC drilling package;

Adopt 200×250 thick-walled square tube bracket structure, engineering aesthetic appearance design structure, tempering or vibration vector effect treatment, imported pentahedron metal processing center for high-precision milling;

It adopts side-mounted type, 3 flange sliders on one side design structure, stable operation, full dust-proof design structure of rack guide rail, guide rail adopts segmented structure, and the replacement of guide rail does not require professionals, which is more convenient;

Numerical control system, stable performance, simple operation, ordinary people can complete the operation after simple training without professional knowledge;

The double-layer hollow vacuum adsorption table is adopted, which can adsorb plates of different sizes, and the minimum opening plate can reach 25mm;

The four-direction, six-action plate automatic positioning system is adopted, the plate positioning is faster and more accurate, and the automatic detection system of the plate feeding position is matched, which can effectively prevent various unexpected situations that may occur during the plate feeding process;

Matching the central intelligent dust removal system can ensure the effective cleaning and collection of the particulate waste in all links and parts, and can effectively ensure the continuity of the cutting work;

Equipped with a central automatic lubrication system, which is set to automatically inject oil at regular intervals to ensure the efficient operation of the machine.

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