Vacuum Laminating Machine

PVC Film Vacuum Machine for Sale in 2022

PVC Film Vacuum Machine used for PVC cladding furniture, cabinets, door-shifting, audio, decorative wall skirts and a variety of special-shaped finishes.

Vacuum Laminating MachineAdvantage of the PVC Vacuum Machine

  1. Adopts digital instrument automatic control technology,easy to operate,easy to learn,high degree of automation.
  2. The machine adopts high stress steel structure,ensure the equipment running smoothly,transport more at ease,high sealing,so as to improve the processing efficiency of equipment.
  3. Adopt the international advanced constant temperature heating system ,avoid the heat of the heat caused by uneven,wrinkling and other phenomena.
  4. The device uses the contact point switch,electric control system,the key components of high temperature insulation material made of,operation more secure.

Vacuum Laminating Machine

Main Features of the PVC Film Vacuum Machine

  1. Design unique, innovative, easy to operate.
  2. The high degree of automation, installation easy, simple operation, easy to learn.
  3. Saving energy. This machine use near-infrared heating pipe, heating fast and temperature higher. Thereforeit solves the problem of long time of pre-heating, and saves 30 minutes waiting time.
  4. Direct Connect vacuum pump, low noise, small size, high technology content.

Vacuum membrane press machine details

1.Double table

This machine has 2 work tables, when working on the first table, we can prepare the second table on feeding and fixing material.

2.Control system

The components are produced by famous domestic enterprises with good quality.  Easy to operate.

3.Heating system

Use professional heating coil and spread by Aluminum sheet heating system and high quality heat preservation material, which can ensure evenly heating and energy saving.

4.Working table

Each working table with stainless steel material, stronger.flat ,no deformation , and the holes for absorbing air are processed by Fiber laser cutting machine ,high precision

5.Vacuum pump

This machine uses high technology vacuum pump. It is stable and reliable and the maintenance work is simple.

Vacuum membrane press machine application

Application material and industry

PVC film MDF board, Plywood, OSB board, and other wooden materials with breathable It is applicable to cover furniture, sound box, cabinets, relief door, decorative panels and all kinds of baroque decorative surfaces with PVC films and natural veneer and hot stamping foils.

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