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Double station four process CNC cutting machine

With the implementation and popularization of CNC cutting machine, more and more customers buy CNC cutting machine. Not only the purchase of CNC cutting machine, but also the use of CNC cutting machine has become a difficult problem for customers to choose. So today we must solve the problem of correct use of CNC cutting machine.

Turn on the power first, then release the emergency stop button of the CNC cutting machine to ensure that the cutting machine is ready to start.

CNC Router MachineOpen the computer connected to the CNC cutting machine, enter the established operating system, find the software of the control device, and double-click to open the cutting machine software on the computer.

Check whether the CNC cutting machine system is normal. If there are any errors in the system about the cutting machine, it cannot be used to make it work until the cause of the error is found and fixed.

CNC Router Machine

CNC cutting machine_Double station four process CNC cutting machine

Fourth, measure whether the size of the workpiece exceeds the processing range of the CNC cutting machine, and adjust it. Once the workpiece size is too large, the normal operation of the equipment will be greatly affected, and it will be more serious or may damage the machine.

CNC Router Machine

Start the pressure device of the CNC cutting machine, and normal processing can only be carried out after the test is no problem.

In the process of operation and use, customers must operate and use in strict accordance with the requirements, and the order of each step cannot be reversed at will, otherwise it is easy to cause unnecessary failures; and operating strictly in sequence can also better improve processing efficiency and quality. After the machine is delivered to the customer’s site, the manufacturer will also arrange for technicians to come to the door to conduct equipment specification training, including equipment construction and maintenance, operation procedures, operation specifications, daily maintenance, etc.

Recommended equipment: double-station four-process CNC cutting machine

Wide range of uses: dual use for cabinet doors. For small and medium-sized cabinet and wardrobe processing plants, the output itself is not high, and the processing efficiency of the equipment is not high, but it is hoped that one machine can be used for two purposes. It can also be used as a cabinet, which can not only improve the utilization rate of equipment, but also avoid the risk of purchasing equipment at high prices. The advantage of processing the door panel yourself is that you can control the processing quality and processing time yourself.

Low price: The price of the four-process CNC cutting machine is lower than that of the two-process row drilling and cutting machine. For cabinets and wardrobe factories with low budgets, they can achieve good processing results with very little money.

Simple operation and low failure rate: Compared with the machining center with automatic tool change or the drilling and cutting center with automatic drill change, the four-process CNC cutting machine has a simpler structure, more convenient use and low failure rate. If the spindle fails, machining production will not be delayed.

Disadvantages of four-process CNC cutting machine:

Low processing efficiency: The four-process CNC cutting machine supports the function of four-tool automatic tool change. Compared with the dual-process row drilling and cutting machine, multiple drills cannot drill at the same time, and the cabinet processing efficiency is much lower than that of the dual-process row drilling machine. The four-process CNC cutting machine generally processes 40-50 cabinets per day. The double-process row drill is 60-70 sheets. Compared with disc tool change machining centers, the number of tool changes is too small. If it is used for door panels, the single-door type four knives are enough, but for different customers with various door panel shapes, the number of four knives is far from enough. Efficiency and processing effect are far lower than woodworking processing center.

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