CNC Foam Cutter for Foam Mold Carving

CNC foam cutter (also known as CNC foam cutting machine, CNC EPS cutting machine, etc.) is a cutting machine for processing soft foam, including EPS foam, EVA foam, foam PU, EPE foam, EPP foam. And other foam materials. It also processes wood and other non-metallic materials or soft metals. CNC foam cutter have a wide range of applications in the foam, packaging and decoration industries.

Compared with manual cutting or hot-wire foam cutting, CNC foam cutting is more flexible in handling complex 3D foam products. The foam product has a high-quality smooth arch.

How to cut foam materials efficiently and accurately? In the following content, we mainly introduce the function and application of CNC foam cutting machine. If you are engaged in foam processing and are looking for a foam cutting machine that suits your needs, this product is the right choice.

Why use CNC foam cutter to process foam?

Although foam is a flexible material, it is difficult to cut manually to produce smooth cutting edges. How to effectively reduce moss is a basic issue that must be considered. Why do we choose CNC foam cutting machine to process foam? CNC foam cutter is an automatic foam cutting machine. When the EPS cutting machine processes the foam, the spindle rotates at high speed and provides uniform cutting force to the foam surface. The foam product has a smooth cut surface.

The picture below shows some foam products produced by CNC foam machine.

CNC Foam Cutter  CNC Foam Cutter  CNC Foam Cutter

Users are mainly engaged in 3D foam carving or wood carving, such as car molds, carvings, etc. EPS cutting machine is the most convenient machine for 3D foam carving or wood carving. The 4 axis or 5 axis CNC foam cutting machine has a rotating shaft, which can rotate and engrave parts of different heights and angles. The CNC foam machine opened a door for designers and turned their creations into real products.

The main CNC cutting tools used for foam processing include CNC drilling and cutting, laser cutting and hot wire cutting. Compared with laser cutting and hot wire cutting, CNC drilling and cutting has better performance in 3D foam engraving. The good performance of CNC drilling and cutting lies in the stable operation of the rotating spindle and CNC foam cutting machine. In addition, the sturdy rack structure and high-end router kits complete the process.

CNC foam cutter VS CNC wood router

CNC foam cutter is an automatic foam cutting machine. Although its working principle is the same as that of a normal CNC router machine, its price is usually much higher. The main reasons are as follows:

First of all, the CNC foam cutter adopts a U-shaped frame structure, and most CNC foam machine mainly deal with medium to large foam molds, wooden molds or carvings. Therefore, the distance between the frame and the workbench must be long enough. The maximum height of the Z axis of the CNC foam cutting machine is 2.2 meters. If the height of the gantry is increased only on the basis of the overall frame of the CNC wood machine, the stability of the machine tool will be greatly reduced, and the machine tool will easily shake during high-speed operation. This not only fails to carry out precise and stable processing, but is also dangerous to the operator. The U-shaped design lowers the center of gravity of the CNC wood machine, ensuring machining accuracy, stable operation and operator safety.

CNC Foam Cutter CNC Foam Cutter

Secondly, the CNC foam cutter has higher requirements for the configuration of the controller, spindle, motor and transmission system. Due to the large frame structure, ordinary CNC woodcarving machine cannot meet the requirements of higher processing accuracy. Therefore, CNC foam cutting machine are usually equipped with powerful high-end servo drives and spindle systems, such as Yaskawa servo motors and Italian HSD spindles. The high-end driver and spindle can make the machine achieve higher processing efficiency and precision. In addition, most users need a foam cutting machine to perform complex 3D foam mold engraving. Therefore, a good controller like the SYNTEC control system is necessary to achieve 4-axis or 5-axis links.

CNC Foam cutter has high processing precision and is very suitable to carve foam and make high quality products. If you are interested in machine , Welcome to contact us!

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