You need a CNC Wood Router

The CNC wood router has become an indispensable CNC machinery in the modern woodworking industry. Custom furniture from small wooden processes to all housing, CNC wood routers can give full play to their functions. Wood CNC router provides a large number of models and configurations. With various CNC router machine, woodworking CNC routers can achieve many functions, including cutting, engraving, borehole, wiring, bagging, and grooves. Although there is a “wood” in the name, the CNC wood router can handle many other materials such as plastic, rubber, stone, resin, acrylic acid, soft metal, foam, and the like.

So you want to buy a CNC router machine, but don’t know how to choose? Or Beginner as a CNC router, do you want to know any knowledge about the CNC wood router? You can find the answers to the above questions in this buyer guide.

This article will detail the CNC Wood Router in how to choose, type, parameters, prices, and prompts.

CNC wood router – definition

CNC Wood Router is a CNC router that can create objects from primary wood. CNC represents computer CNC. Therefore, the CNC wood router is a device with high automation. It is also known as CNC router, wood CNC router, CNC wood engraving machine, CNC wood cutting machine and CNC wood sculpture.

In addition to wood, CNC wood router can also be cut, engraved or drilled other non-metallic materials such as acrylic acid, stone, plastic, PVC, rubber and epoxy resin. It can cut and engrave soft metals such as aluminum and mild steel. The CNC timber router is mainly used to produce panel furniture, advertising logos, letters, 3D or 3D statues, embossed sculptures, crafts and artwork.

CNC Wood Router – Working Principles

The working principle of CNC wood router is not complicated. Simply put, it is more like a printer. Computer built-in CAD software transforms your CNC router idea to design files, another CNC router software CAM generates G code – CNC router can understand language – based on such design files. After receiving the G code, the controller of the CNC router will generate a signal with a power source (burst) and form the tool path of the X, Y, and Z axes. At the same time, the spindle of the wood CNC router rotates high speed and uses a variety of CNC router tools to handle the material fixed on the workbench.

CNC Wood Router – Classification

Based on different classification methods, the CNC wood router falls into a variety of types.

Depending on the transmission mode, the CNC wood engraving machine can be divided into a CNC router, a CNC router with lead screw transport and rack transmission. The CNC wooden router transmitted by the lead screw, also known as the advertisement CNC router, is usually small size. For example, 3018 CNC router, 6090 CNC router, 4×4 CNC router, etc. The CNC wooden router for rack transmission typically has large sizes, such as 4×8 CNC routers, 5×10 CNC routers, or other customizes.

For processing materials, the CNC router mainly includes wood cherical control routers, stone CNC routers, foam CNC routers, and the like.

According to the axis that the CNC engraving machine can operate, the CNC router mainly includes 3-axis CNC router, 4-axis CNC router, rotary shaft CNC router, and 5-axis number-controlled router.

CNC Wood Router – Advantage

High automation

The CNC router machine uses computer design drawings, provides orders, and controls machine operations throughout the processing process. No need to manually measure, cut or engrave.

Multiple functions and applications

Wood CNC routers can achieve various functions such as plant cutting, 2D, 2.5D, and 3D engraving. It also applies to various industries.

High quality

Controlled by computer, the CNC wood router can produce hundreds or thousands of pieces of exact same. For companies that provide high-value companies for quality assurance, this aspect of CNC routes is invaluable.

Reduce material consumption

The more waste accumulated on your work floor, the more funds for waste materials. Since the manual machine lacks precise control, the errors in the workpiece are ongoing threats. Due to computerized operation, wood CNC routers eliminate waste works caused by human error, and produce thousands of identical works without waste.

High efficiency

Production of small amount of waste paper and high productivity operating with TopNotCH efficiency, industrial CNC wood router can completely change production capacity. A good CNC router machine has a rigid and a long-lasting structure and can be used for a long time. With other automatic CNC machine , productivity is significantly improved.

More easy to operate

The operation of CNC wood router is mainly based on computer training. This allows operators to implement expertise within one month. But for complex workpieces, further programming knowledge may be required.

Reduce artificial danger

CNC routing removes the operator from the cutting mechanism to create a safer work process. For the company, this can be converted to less workers CoMP cases and production losses due to workers’ disability.

CNC Wood Router – Main Ingredients

Mechanical part

This part is the basis of the operation of the entire CNC wood engraving machine, including racks, gants, rails, racks, and various nuts, bolts, gaskets, etc. Rigid and constant mechanical components ensure long-term and operational stability, avoid vibration or deformation.

Electrical parts

All electrical components and devices are connected to wires to ensure the normal operation of CNC wood engraving machines.

Control System

It is the control center of the CNC engraving machine. It provides control instructions directly to drive the CNC wood router moving along a given path. In addition, it also detects various states of the CNC router machine and returns to the computer and control software for identification and processing.

CNC router software

There may be two types of CNC router software, namely CAD and CAM. CAD (Computer Aided Design) can convert the CNC router idea to a file, and CAM (computer assisted manufacturing) can generate G code.

CNC Wood Router – Price

As shown in the above table, the price of wood CNC machine changes dramatically from $ 1,500 to $ 100,000. Different specifications and configurations will result in different CNC wood routers. However, in general, the larger the size of the CNC router, the higher the price of wood CNC machine tools. The higher the configuration, the higher the function, the more expensive price.

Factors affecting the price of CNC wood routers

A large number of factors will affect the price of CNC wood routers. But main factors come from the CNC router itself, including specifications, configuration, and brands.

Specifications and configuration

These include CNC routing devices, the height of the Z-axis, and the selection of various CNC routers and components (import or domestic, high quality or low quality).

The price of the wood CNC router with large size CNC router is higher than the small size of the worksheet. The CNC router has a powerful power spindle, and the motor and other components are more expensive than small power. Import or high quality components will also cause additional costs of CNC wood routers.


The brand of wood CNC machines can reflect their quality to a certain extent. The quality of quality control router kits or components will damage the brand’s reputation. So famous brand CNC wood router manufacturers pay more attention to their product quality. Guarantee the quality of famous brand CNC wood routers. Accordingly, the famous brand CNC router has a high price.

When you talk about the purchase of CNC wood engraving machines abroad, you also need to consider the price of other additional costs. For example, shipping, tax, customs, etc.

How to CNC wood router

The previous part specifies the function of a good CNC wood engraving machine. These features are also the factors that need to be considered when the right wooden CNC router is selected. The following is some tips for picking a suitable CNC wood engraving machine.

CNC router table size

This depends on the maximum size of the processing material. Suitable CNC engraving machines should be greater than maximum processing materials.

For example, if your store mainly produces small crafts, gifts, toys or art, you can choose 6090 CNC router or 4×4 CNC router. These are cost-effective options. However, if you occupy it in custom furniture, the small CNC router cannot meet your needs. The common CNC router table size of furniture is 4×8 CNC routers, 1530 CNC routers, or other custom sizes, such as 2030, 2040, 1632, etc.

Spindle power supply

Depending on the type of project you will work, the power of the CNC router will play an important role. What kind of motor or spindle is a wooden CNC machine equipped? The power supply ensures the correct cutting speed and the cutting quality of the material. According to this object, the CNC wood router is intended to use a spindle of a certain size and power.

In general, 1.5kW and 2.2KW spindles are used for engraving purposes, and for cutting purposes, you may need high power spindles, such as 7.5kW and 9KW. The higher the cutting thickness, the greater the power you should choose.

Other parts and components

The selection of other parts and components of the CNC engraving machine depends on your processing requirements. If you are familiar with the wood CNC machine and clearly understand the specifications you want, you can tell the CNC wood router manufacturer. However, if you are new, you can tell you the type and dimension of the material, or the main purpose, manufacturer, they will recommend the right machine.


Not all CNC router machines will accurately perform longer duration. CNC wood routers tend to wear because they have many parts to use friction. You can choose a CNC wood engraving machine based on durability and usage.


As any investment, it is important to know if you meet the correct value of money. The price plays an important role here because more serious buyers will ensure that he gets all parts and accessories in a suitable price. In addition, prices should not be deemed to have the only standard for your choice of wood CNC routers. Never use to find a cheap price blindly. But it is not wise to buy expensive CNC router machines through the nose. Therefore, what you need to do is to find a CNC wood engraving machine, which has the most cost-effective price range, which can best meet your processing needs.


The CNC wood router manufacturer is the above band. Good CNC wood router manufacturers should have professional product R & D capabilities, production and delivery capacity and complete service system. Excellent R & D capabilities have laid the production foundation, and the complete service system is the key to improving customer satisfaction.

Therefore, it is necessary to spend time and effort to find a good CNC wood router manufacturer. Before this, please take a look at the iGOLDEN. With more than 10 years of research, development and production of CNC machines, iGOLDEN CNC router machines are sold to more than 130 countries and regions around the world. We have also obtained a lot of active comments.

CNC wood router recommended

The IGOLDENCNC wood router provides a variety of models and configurations. Here, I would like to recommend three best-selling CNC router models.

Economic efficient mini CNC wood router

Getting Started 3 axis 6090 CNC Router

This is a classic and entry-level 6090 CNC router for three basic axes, X, Y, and Z axes. It has a small work size of 600x900mm, accounting for a small space. It has a simple structure and operation, but used multiple times. The 6090 CNC routers are one of the most cost-effective timber cherishing machines of small advertising services.

MINI CNC router, also known as a small CNC router, desktop CNC router or amateur hobby CNC router, very popular in the advertising industry. Ordinary mini CNC router table size includes 300x180mm, 300x400mm, 600x900mm (2’X3 ‘), 600x150mm, 1,200 x1, 200mm (4’x4’), etc.

You can also upgrade the Mini CNC router by adding an automatic tool replacement function, rotating the spindle or rotating device.

The Mini CNC router has a variety of applications for cutting and engraving small-sized materials. E.g:

Two-color plate, sign, pvc logo, billboard, acrylic or wooden sign, 3D letters and characters

Small wooden furniture, cabinet door, chair, table, door, screen.

Crafts and gifts

Guitar and other stringed instruments

Multi-process CNC wood router for sale

Most popular four process wood CNC routers

This is one of the most popular nested CNC wood routers in the board furniture manufacturer. The CNC router is equipped with four spindles, and four different processes can be completed at a time without manual replacement tools. It also has a supply auxiliary roller for easy panel loading. The CNC router table is 1,300 x 2, 500 mm, which is suitable for manufacturing cabinets, cabinets, cabinets, doors and other wooden furniture.

Multi-process or multi-step CNC routers can be considered a simple ATC CNC router. Because they can achieve high-speed automatic automatic tools. However, multi-process CNC wood routers can only carry the same tool as the spindle number. Although the linear or disc tool cartridge of the ATC CNC wood router can accommodate 8 to 16 tools.

Multi-process CNC routers are widely used in panel furniture industries. It can cut, drill, carved and grooves of various sizes of wooden boards:

Cabinet, cabinet door, door, bookcase, shelf, cabinet, wardrobe, vintage cabinet, office furniture, table, chair, desk, etc.

4-axis ATC CNC router for multidimensional processing

4-axis ATC Wood CNC machine tools for sale

1530 is another most commonly used CNC router table size. This size is very suitable for processing 4’X8 ‘and 5’x10’ wooden boards to produce doors, cabinets, shelf, etc. In addition, this wood CNC router is equipped with a rotating spindle, which can swing 180 degrees, suitable for engraving 3D workpieces. The ATC function improves work efficiency by greatly reduces the change time.

In addition to the rotating spindle, the CNC wood router can also be equipped with a rotating device for engraving the cylindrical object. Both rotating spindles and rotating devices can engrave 3D complex components in the wood CNC router. 3D CNC timber routers have a wide range of applications in many industries. E.g:

Wooden furniture: antique furniture, traditional Chinese style furniture, European furniture with complex engraving pattern, door frame, cabinet, cabinet, wardrobe, night station, bench, sofa, sofa, teaboard, stool.

Decoration: architectural column, stair railings, stair handrail, sweet, handrail, 3D statue and sculpture, relief, openwork statue, Buddha, 3D screen, partition.

Mold: Wood, Foam and Metal Mold, Car Mold, Construction Mold, Marine Mold, Part and Parts Mold, Plastic Mold.

Musical instrument: 3D all kinds of stringed instruments, guitar, bass, violin, viola, two hook, spool head.


In conclusion

As a digital control, the emergence of CNC wood routers has greatly improved working efficiency, improved product quality, and bring more interests to the woodworking industry. According to different classification standards, the CNC engraving machine can be divided into multiple categories. Each wood CNC router has a variety of applications. Even the most basic 3-axis woodworking machine can also handle various materials such as wood, stone, plastic, acrylic acid, rubber, crystal, aluminum, steel, and the like.

When you choose a CNC wood engraving machine, you should first understand the requirements. And select the corresponding configuration, such as the CNC router table size, spindle type, and power supply, and determine if an ATC or rotate or loading and unloading platform is required.

Choosing a suitable CNC wood router manufacturer is a very time-consuming but necessary link. A good CNC wood router manufacturer not only provides high quality astronaut CNC machines, but also provides a complete service system to eliminate all customers’ concerns.

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