Double-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine

CNC High Speed Double-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Description of the Double-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Double-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine mainly adopts for drilling tube sheets for the industries of Chemical, Thermal Power Plants Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals and Nuclear etc., Equips with lots of safety auto protection, so it realizes the auto safety monitoring. All the key parts like linear guide, CNC system, ball-screws, inner cooling connectors, servo motors and drivers, reducers, valves, hydraulic pumps, and etc. are adopting global well-known brands, thus the machine quality is high and with steady performance.

Infrared laser side hole CNC drilling machine is an economical and practical plate furniture horizontal hole punching equipment. It is automatic production equipment that uses laser head induction to solve the side hole punching and slotting of fixed plate parts. It’s mainly used for the problem of slotting, vertical hole punching and side hole punching in the material processing process.

Double-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Double-Spindle Hole Drilling work ability

This machine is using both BTA drill (internal chipping) and Gun drill (external chipping), the two spindles can drill simultaneously, and the distance between the two spindles is adjustable.

The Max. Work-piece diameter is φ2500mm, Max. Drilling depth is 800mm. Surface roughness of drilling is Ra6.3~Ra3.2, hole dia. Precision is IT9~IT10, straightness of drilling hole is 0.3-0.8 mm/m.

The machine body and worktable are independent, machine vibration will not affect work-piece, and furthermore, worktable is made by casting part to realize stable precision.

Chip conveyor is adopting Plate-Chain type, the process of chipping will be done automatically. Coolant will be re-cycled after filtering. Equips with industrial refrigerating machine to cool down the coolant, ensure the stability of drilling process.

Double-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling MachineDouble-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling MachineDouble-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling MachineDouble-Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Advantage of the Double-Spindle Hole Drilling

Using Spain SIEMENS 840D as CNC system, adopts electric hand wheel, easy to use and operate. System is able to compensate the positioning precision for each axis, once confirming the central position, the system will automatically do the programming, as well as optimize the order of drilling, dramatically increase the efficiency of machine. Converting CAD drawing to CNC parts program by programming software. Optimizing the order of drilling to increase efficiency of drilling.

This machine is a fully automatic side punching device developed for the side hole of the panel furniture triple piece. Plc integrated control, stable and efficient. It can also be adjusted to side groove processing equipment. Achieve a multi-functional machine.

The machine is equipped with American Bonner laser probe to achieve 100% leak-free punching. 3.2KW air-cooled spindle, the feed is fast and vibration-free. The power motor uses the corresponding servo motor, and the precision is controlled within 0.05mm. The transmission components are all supplied in Taiwan with high precision and good stability.

The bed is accentuated, and the front end has a unique “L” design, which is suitable for short-side processing of long plates. The whole machine is compacted for full cylinder operation and easy to operate. Spaced positioning piles are available for all sizes.


Plate furniture, the whole cabinet, wardrobe, the whole house custom, office furniture, custom office furniture, hospital custom office furniture and other need to punch the various plate materials.

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