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Tangential Knife CNC Router Plastic & Cardboard Cutter

Automatic CNC cardboard cutting machine with oscillating tangential knife is an industrial CNC cardboard box maker for packaging industry with varied knife tools and blades to cut paperboard, hardboard, carton box, corrugated box, corrugated cardboard box, corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, mat board, and chipboard.

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Unlike standard CNC routers, which primarily use rotating cutting tools like end mills and saws, tangential knife routers employ a tangential knife or blade that moves in multiple directions to create intricate and accurate cuts.

When considering a tangential knife CNC router, it’s important to assess your specific application requirements, such as the types of materials to be cut, the desired cutting precision, and the required machine size and capabilities.

Features Of  Tangential Knife CNC Cutting Machine

  1. Tangential Knife: The primary cutting tool is a tangential knife, which moves both vertically and laterally to make precise cuts. It can also rotate as needed to cut different angles and curves.
  2. Versatile Material Compatibility: These machines are suitable for cutting a wide range of materials, including foam, cardboard, gasket materials, vinyl, leather, textiles, and various flexible and semi-rigid materials.
  3. Precision and Detail: Tangential knife CNC routers are known for their high precision, making them ideal for applications that require intricate detail, sharp corners, and clean cuts.
  4. Multifunctional Cutting: In addition to straight cuts, the tangential knife can perform V-cuts, bevel cuts, creasing, perforating, and kiss-cutting (cutting through one layer while leaving the backing material intact), expanding their versatility.
  5. Automatic Tool Change: Some models are equipped with automatic tool changers, allowing for the quick switch between different knife types or angles.
  6. Contour Cutting: These machines excel at contour cutting, enabling the production of custom shapes, graphics, labels, and patterns with high precision.
  7. Integration with Design Software: Tangential knife CNC routers are compatible with various CAD/CAM design software, allowing for seamless integration and precise control of cutting patterns.

Applications Of Automatic CNC Carton Cutting Machine With Oscillating Tangential Knife Cutter For Packaging

CNC carton cutter machine is used for cutting, indentation, dotted line, marking, drawing and other processes on packing industry, instead of the traditional carton, exhibition frame and other manual development, design and proofing, shorten the R&D time, with high proofing speed, and high quality. The CNC box cutting machine can complete the die-cutting, indentation and molding of paper, plastic and other flexible materials without knife die and die cutting machine to save a lot of manpower and mold costs.

cardboard cutter


Materials Can Be Cut With CNC Oscillating Tangential Knife Cutting Machines

Textiles, fabrics, leathers, fiber glasses, rubbers, stickers, films, foam boards, corrugated cardboards, cardboards, plastic boxes, clothes, gasket materials, footwear materials, garment materials, bag materials, rugs, sponges, carpets, PU, PP, PE, PTFE, ETFE, EVA, XPE, PVC and composites.

Different Kind of Knife Tools and their Functioning?

CNC knife cutting machine also known as digital cutting machine helps in processing a wide range of materials that have more than one cutting head.

With multiple cutting heads, you can ensure that the machine is configured to meet your unique business needs.

When combined with different cutting technologies, the machine provides versatility by offering a routing spindle and two knives that can either be tangential, oscillating drag, vinyl or a combination of them.

1. Drag Knife: This type of knife is used for cutting different materials at the speed and precision of a CNC router. Drag knife cuts a wide range of materials up to a depth of 1/4 inch. The tip of the blade is slightly offset from the center of the collet so that the knife can rotate as per the moving direction the CNC machine.

From a box cutter blade in a holder to hardened alloy made the blade, this knife is custom-made. Drag knives can be easily fitted as well as replaced but the only trouble that you might face is with abrasive materials. More the material is thicker; the blade may produce increased friction pushing the material out of its place.

2 .Tangential Knife: Apart from the drag knife tool, this type of knife is controlled by a motor. The tangential knife is more robust in nature and process thicker, heavier, and hard materials very smoothly.

It is used for processing both thick and tough materials. Multiple blade options of this knife help in cutting a wide range of harder and heavier materials. It allows the machine to accurately cut square corners and maintain part accuracy.

The tangential knife system has a range of optional and interchangeable blade holders which allows it to cut rubber, composites, duct liner and a mixture of soft and semi-rigid materials.

3. Oscillating Knife: This type of knife options is considered as one of the most important for businesses that help in processing flexible materials like packaging foam, foam core, gator foam, corrugated plastic, and cardboard.

The oscillating knife slices the material with ease giving clean and fine cut edges with almost 0 percent chance of abrasion.

Oscillating knife system ensures to deliver accurate and even cuts on thicker materials without making excessive cuts. The oscillating knife is versatile in nature and has the ability to cut a wide range of materials maintaining small detail and curves.

4 .Creasing Wheel: Often known as Rotary Blade, it is used for cutting hard to abrasive materials. Hardness is one such benefit of this type of tool.

Owing to its hardness, creasing wheel can resist the abrasive composites and experience less friction.

On the other hand, jagged tools add enough stress while cutting creating deformations like stretches, tear-out, etc. 47038816502 6bbf4f7fb6 b – Discover a Range of Knife Cutting Machines for Different Industrial Applications 1.2.

5. Kiss Cut Knife: It is one of the special types of tools used for vinyl cutting. The cutting depth of the tool is controlled by downward depth pressure. This type of knife can be easily attached without the need to remove the spindles.

It is an effective plotting machine for creating different patterns on the material. The cutting process is made easier and efficient with the help of kiss cut knife.

CNC knife cutting machine is fully programmable with 360-degree servo rotational capabilities in either a single- or dual-knife configuration.

The optional cutting heads include oscillating, drag, kiss-cut, pizza wheel, creasing, and bevel. Knives are standard on all digital finishing machines and optional on all CNC router and plasma machines. But the functioning of the machine depends on the speed and the variety of material used.

CNC oscillating tangential knife cutting machine is a type of high-precision CNC cardboard box making machine (CNC carton box making machine) with varied knife tools and blades for Paperboard Boxes (Bakers’ Boxes, Cereal & Food boxes, Drug & Toiletry package boxes, Gift boxes & Shirt Boxes), Corrugated Boxes (Anti-Static Corrugated Boxes, Mailing Boxes, Moving Boxes, Pizza Boxes), Wax Impregnated Boxes, and Cardboard Stock in packaging industry. With the right configuration, the CNC cardboard cutting system can meet different functions, such as cutting, plotting, drawing, routing, punching and more. CNC oscillating tangential knife cutting system can be used for every flexible or soft materials with excellent cutting performance. The CNC cardboard cutting table has advantages of high speed, high intelligent, high precise cutting and easy operation. The CNC carton cutting machine can connect with other software well with data converting software. CNC cardboard box cutting machine will help packageing industry upgrade from traditional manual sampling to advanced high speed and precision production mode.

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