CNC foam engraving machine

Cnc Foam Cutter 3d Cnc Hot Wire Foam Cutter

The structural EPS decorative mouldings are cut by computer numerical control through the cnc foam cutter. The CAD software is used together with the foam cutting machine application software. It only needs to input the required size and graphics into the CAD, and the machine automatically processes and processes the machine.machine can be Automatically powered off after work is long as it is two-dimensional graphics,it can be cut. Fast production, variety models, such as mouldings, Roman columns, window covers, bucket arches, etc., can be installed on the four sides of the window, the door, the corner and the wall; it makes the facade of the building more beautiful, and bring new and different ideas to the architects.


CNC foam engraving machine


IGOLDENCNC offers cnc foam that are well-designed and simple to operate. You can design and produce parts in the quantities you need, when you need them, in a short amount of time. Our cnc hotwire foam cutter boost your productivity and design capabilities, allowing you to take on bigger projects and develop into new industries.

CNC system as a foam cutting machine core components, the quality and function of the cutting machine cutting and processing equipment determines the quality of the stability. Buy foam line cutting machine or need to buy the quality of trust, of course, the quality of its components can not be ignored.

CNC Foam Cutter Features

a) All machine parts adopt high configuration and top quality from
all over the world,to make machine with high performance and durability.
b) Machine is with a big rotary device, can process different kinds
of 3d sculptures,statues,columns.
c) Machine is with a flat table, can process plane materials.


4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving Machine


CNC Foam Cutter Applications CNC foam cutter is suitable to carve EPS foam molds, wood molds and other non-metal molds, especially for car molds, ship molds, aviation molds or train molds. The machine also specializes in processing good foam products in other industries, such as sculpture, decoration, packaging and furniture industries. CNC foam cutter has good rigidity and its frame structure is made through strict heat treatment processes.

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