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Definition of CNC milling machine

CNC milling machine is a CNC milling machine, that is, a special control system is added on the basis of ordinary milling machine, that is, the so-called numerical control (Computer numerical control, CNC), which uses digital information to control the movement and working process. Technology is the control of digital quantification.

A CNC milling machine is a milling machine that is controlled by digital technology with the help of a computer. It can automatically machine the shape and size of the required parts. People express requirements for part shape and size through programming.

Semi Enclosed Small Mold Engraving MachineFeatures of CNC milling machine

With the continuous progress of the machinery manufacturing industry, higher requirements are constantly placed on the shape and size of the processed parts. Taking the plastic mold manufacturing industry as an example, there are currently a wide variety of plastic utensils with different shapes, all of which are made of plastic molds. And these complex shapes of plastic molds can only be processed by CNC milling machines. In addition, the production efficiency of CNC milling machines is many times higher than that of ordinary milling machines due to the greatly increased production volume. Its start-up, machining and braking process is very fast, which greatly reduces the proportion of milling machine auxiliary time. Processing adopts reasonable processing technology. Due to the high stiffness of the milling machine, powerful cuts can be used, which greatly increases the machining speed.

CNC milling machine_CNC milling machine manufacturer

It has been more than half a century since the world’s first CNC milling machine was developed in 1952. Of course, “unmanned chemical factory” does not necessarily mean that there are no people, but relatively speaking, the manual labor of human beings is greatly reduced, and the production efficiency of the society is greatly improved: CNC machining is a fast-growing industry, and this industry will provide human beings bring a better future.

Generally speaking, CNC milling machines have the following characteristics:

Machinable parts with high precision and stable quality:

The production efficiency is particularly high, which is 2~3 times or even higher than that of ordinary milling machines.

The labor intensity of operators is greatly reduced, but the quality requirements for operators are also improved.

It is very convenient to change the product variety, as long as the program is changed, the product variety can be changed.

CNC machining center can realize various processing on one milling machine, such as milling, drilling, boring, planing, etc.

Flexible processing systems (FMS) can be realized, and even unmanned chemical factories can be realized.

Classification of CNC milling machines

Machine tool vertical CNC milling machine

Vertical CNC milling machines have always occupied the vast majority of CNC milling machines in number and have a wide range of applications. From the point of view of the number of coordinates controlled by the CNC system of the machine tool, the three-coordinate CNC vertical milling still accounts for the majority. Generally speaking, the more coordinate axes controlled by a machine tool, especially the more coordinate axes that need to be linked, the more functions, processing ranges and optional processing objects of the machine tool, but the more complex the machine tool structure will be. The requirements for the CNC system are higher, the programming is more difficult, and the equipment cost is higher.

Vertical CNC milling machines can also be equipped with CNC turntables, use automatic table changers, increase mold devices, expand their functions, processing scope and processing objects, and further improve production efficiency.

Machine tool horizontal CNC milling machine

The horizontal CNC milling machine is the same as the general-purpose horizontal milling machine, and its spindle axis is parallel to the horizontal plane. In order to expand the processing range and expand the functions, the horizontal CNC milling machine of the machine tool usually adopts a CNC turntable or a universal CNC turntable to realize four-coordinate or five-coordinate processing. In this way, not only the continuous rotating contour of the workpiece side can be machined, but also the “four-sided machining” can be realized by changing the position of the rotary table in one installation. In particular, the universal CNC turntable can place processing surfaces of various angles or spatial angles horizontally on the workpiece for processing. This saves a lot of special fixtures or special angle milling cutters. The machine is used for box-type parts or required workpieces that can be replaced in one installation, ideal for selecting a horizontal CNC milling machine with a CNC rotary table for processing.

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