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Analysis Of Alarm Faults In Use Of Marble CNC Router

The tombstone and stone carving industry has special characteristics. Therefore, more and more young people are reluctant to use hand-carved stone, which also promotes the progressive of stone carving to mechanization. Many stone carving practitioners choose marble cnc router to replace hand-carved.

stone engraving machineMarble cnc router

With the widespread use of cnc stone engraving, engraving machines are also accompanied by various problems during use. As a professional marble carving machine manufacturer with decades of experience in Stone Engraving Machine, IGOLDENCNC today brings you to know the common problems and corresponding solutions in the use of marble engraving machine. I hope to bring you help.

Stone engraving machine

First, See if the alarm failed

The marble cnc router process alarm indicates that the machine has reached its limit during operation. Please follow the steps below to check:

  1. Whether the designed graphic size exceeds the processing range.
  2. Check for loose connections between the motor shaft and screws. If so, tighten the screws.
  3. Machines and computers are properly grounded.
  4. Whether the current coordinate value exceeds the software limit value range.

Second, the stone engraving machine overtravel alarm and release

During overtravel, all motion axes are automatically set to jog. As long as the manual direction key is held down, the connected motion state can be resumed at any time when the machine leaves the limit position (ie, exceeds the overtravel point switch). Pay attention to the movement when moving the worktable direction, it must be far away from the limit position; the software limit alarm needs to be cleared in the coordinate setting.

Third, marble cnc router non-alarm failure

  1. Insufficient repeatability. Check against the first and second items.
  2. The computer is running and the machine is not moving. Check for loose connections between the computer control card and the electrical box. If so, insert tightly and tighten the set screw.
  3. When the machine cannot find the signal when returning to the origin, please check according to item 2. The proximity switch at the mechanical origin failed.

The CNC stone engraving machine is mainly used for sheet processing of different stone materials, including natural marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, jade, crystal, ceramics, glass, etc, it can carry out character engraving, linear engraving, vane carving, embossing, hollowing cutting, shaped cutting, etc.

The CNC granite engraving machine is widely used in different stone processing fields, such as funeral industry, home decoration industry, art-crafts industry, etc.

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