CNC Cutting Machine will help you become the most trusted supplier of water sports boards

CNC cutting machine is a fast, simple and cheap way to manufacture safe water sports products. They have many advantages that both large and small manufacturers will appreciate.

Using CNC router to build water sports boards can bring you some benefits:

Fully customizable

Does your client want a 5-fin surfboard? How about a 34-inch syntactic foam paddle board? Maybe your client is a fisherman who is looking for dark wood planks. No matter what type of material, size and color specification your PCB needs, CNC cutting machine can be used to manufacture various products.

In addition, the spindle of the CNC machine can rotate at a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm, which makes production very fast. You can easily program the router to build multiple devices in a short time. In this way, you can customize product lines for different markets and become the only supplier of all types of water sports boards in the region.


CNC machining are extremely precise in cutting and finishing. The tolerance is as low as +/- 0.01mm. This makes planers very suitable for fashion products such as surfboards, paddle boards and fishing brushes, which must fit the size. You can use custom dashboards to protect customers and even save their lives.



As we all know, handheld computers require very stable hands to function. Slipping or losing the focus may completely damage the product and even more severely harm the user. CNC router will not have the same problem. They are fully automatic pre-programmed devices. Because no manual intervention is required, the CNC cutting machine eliminates the risk of portable equipment.

Another advantage of stable cutting provided by router machine is the reduction of waste. No mistakes will ensure the best use of your resources, and the syntactic bubble list will last longer. It also makes your business very environmentally friendly, which is the best choice for water sports lovers in the new era.


If you plan to expand the manufacturing scale of paddle board/surfboard/planning board, then a  CNC cutting machine will be the best investment. These routers can handle hundreds of products in a few hours. They do not require continuous feeding or manual intervention and can produce stable performance. You only need to change router settings occasionally to adapt to the specifications of each product model, nothing more.

CNC router have fast and automated functions, allowing you to expand operations freely and easily. You don’t have to hire too many workers, just rely on routers to support your production.

Training ability

Unlike other types of manufacturing techniques that may take a long time to learn, CNC carving machine are relatively easy to learn. By looking for an expert to operate the machine and practice it yourself, you can understand how CNC cutting works. Running the router regularly will make you an expert.

In addition, CNC carving machine are very easy to maintain. If you need help, our professional team will always help you. We have more than 10 years of experience in produce CNC machine. We can help your employees install the router in the factory, learn how to use it and solve any problems.

As we have seen, CNC cutting machine are very useful in manufacturing high-quality surfboards, vertical paddle boards and planers.

Can be used in calm and turbulent water. Easy to carry. It can be customized for beginners, intermediate and experts in water sports. Durable and easy to maintain.

If you want to know how we use the machine for foam water sports composites, please feel free to contact us, we can arrange physical or virtual machine demonstrations. Our factory has full-size and small CNC routers, which are very suitable for operations of any size.

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