Cutter Cutting Machine

Car Carpet Mat Cutting Cutter Machine for Sale

Car mat cutting machine is the cutting equipment specially used to cut car mats, seat cushions and seat covers.

Cutting Cutter MachineBecause the machine use the oscillating knife to cut.  It’s also called oscillating knife cutting machine. The car mat cutting machine has stable performance and fast cut speed. It can automatically cut personalized seat cushion covers and special car floor mats. Car mat cutting machine can meet the needs of personalized and special car production.

There’s also some instructions for buying carpet cutting machine maybe useful for you:

Specification and size selection

the price of the carpet cutting machine mainly depends on the configuration and size. So to save your cost, you can choose the machine work area based on the material size you want to cut. If your material is in roll, you can also choose an auto feeding table which can feeding the car mats automatically. You can also tell us your need and we recommend you the most suitable one.

Cutter Cutting Machine

Equipment function

Carpet cutter machine is used to produce car seat cushions, seat covers, foot pads, etc. Of course it is necessary to cut these materials for making car seat cover foot pads, such as sponge composite leather, XPE material, silk loop. Foot pads, leather, etc. carpet cutter machine has the advantages of fast cut, fast unloading, fast production, and has absolute speed advantages for small and medium batches, multiple styles and short lead times. One standard car mats cutting machine is often with one tool, so before you buying the car mats cutting machine please make it clear with our sales.

Cutter Cutting Machine

This is undoubtedly a new business opportunity for machinery manufacturers

The most advanced machines work both ways: in automatic mode for large batches and as a traditional digital cutter for single mock-up or for prototypes.

As with traditional flatbed plotters, this automated variant also has its own characteristics. Among the most important, I would certainly consider the size and thicknesses of material that can be processed and the capacity of the feeder that determine the autonomy of the process. The simplicity of use is also important, along with the integration with vector graphics software such as AI or CorelDraw, compatibility with packaging CAD, a precise solution for detecting printing crop-marks, capacity for loading a file via QR code that make the process even more automatic and independent of the user capabilities.

This is undoubtedly a new business opportunity for machinery manufacturers, and an excellent resource for all those companies who until now had doubts about the purchase of a cutting plotter due to insufficient automation.

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